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Random Thoughts: Paulson and Bernanke Tell the Tape's Tale


Some pretty important folks took the stand earlier.


You know how you know you've got too much going on? I just pulled up the 'Ville, didn't see my midday musings and said to the team "Hey Team, where are my Random Thoughts?" Alas, I A.D.D.'d sending them through and they got lost in space.

As I already wrote 'em-and as I sense there are some nuggets of wisdom-I share this fare for those who care:

  • My Funny Valentine? You betcha-be sure to check it out!

  • Scary Mary, the VXO (volatility, or fear proxy) has been hanging on either side of the flat line today.

  • No worries, I'm sure there's a bailout plan for this too!

  • If you missed Pepe Depew on NBR last night, here ya go!

  • I went Old School with my opener today, reviving the one-time fave "Things That Scare Me."

  • We had our MV Feast last night so please excuse our spelling errors today. Now, if only we could find Justin, who took my challenge of eating five (large) cupcakes in five minutes for $500. He won the battle but it appears as if he's lost the war!

  • There is mas two-sided risk here, Minyans, so allow yourself some latitude and give yourself the 5% litmus test.

  • Auto loan delinquencies at a ten month high?

  • Maybe the other size of zero percent financing isn't that far off?

  • Hurts so good. Come on baby make it hurt so good.

  • We spoke about how the S&P and DJIA were up 3% during the last few sessions while the broker-dealer index was flat. We know why (ARS, bond bailout baited breath, etc.) but you can learn a lot just by watching. The way they traded spoke volumes about the underlying supply.

  • I stumbled across the Ojai Chronicles when looking to link some content. Man, Minyans in the Mountains was such a snazzy affair.

  • Answers I Really Wanna Know…

    • What do you think Ben Bernanke and Hank Paulson whisper to each other during their bathroom breaks?

    • If you eat a bacon, egg white and cheese, can you make the case that you're living a healthier lifestyle?

    • Does the 8% drop in UBS (UBS) count as "another shoe" as discussed last night on TV?

    • Isn't the ability not to trade as important as trading ability?

    • Do you think MBIA (MBI) CFO Charles Chaplin walks with a cane and wears a black derby hat?

    • The St. Valentine's Day what?

    • Does the fact that Hank Paulson sees "more write-downs" jibe with his insistence that we're not in a recession?

    • In other words, wouldn't further credit contagion, which I expect, push us squarely into ursine crosshairs?

    • Do you think he's happy he sold his Goldman (GS) stock (tax free) when he assumed the proverbial position?

    • Are Roger Clemens and Ben Bernanke both guilty of injecting growth hormones into their respective systems?

    • Does Winky Wright suffer from premature evacuation?

    • Do you think Alan Greenspan feels any culpability for his part in luring unsuspecting homeowners into adjustable-rate mortgages?

    • What movie was the word "Elephantitis" from?

    • Why am I so afraid to Google it to find out?

    • Wasn't the recent rally a function of "hope" in front of a bond insurer bailout package?

    • If so, wouldn't the headline "No government bail-out for bond insurers" be an overt negative?

    • Have you seen how addictive Minyanland is?

    • Is fatigue or maturity responsible for my decision to blow off a weekend in Miami for some down time in the big city?


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