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Random Thoughts: Pennant Race in Retail and Semiconductors


Does anyone else get the sense that the weather isn't the only thing about to change in a big way?

  • Is it politically correct to be blasting Straight Outta Compton at MVHQ?

  • Speaking of being politically incorrect…

  • Google (GOOG). $194,000,000,000 market cap. Freaky.

  • Tape green, BKX (banks), XBD (brokers) and SOX (semis) red. All session. With FOMC minutes waiting in the wings. Hmm…

  • While purple is the new pink (according to Josh Sander), beta is the new bread and butter as a four-letter tell. And beta, thus far, is hangs tough.

  • I haven't had a shot to read it yet but I'm told that this interview with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is not to be missed.

  • As word gets around that the temperature in Gotham is gonna slip an astounding 20 degrees overnight, I said to myself "Self, is there a trade in the sliding mercury?"

  • I thought of a report I saw on financial television about how the unusually warm weather has negatively impacted retailers (think about it--what have you been wearing of late?). So, my natural inclination was to pull up a chart of the RTH (retail holders). See it here.

  • While I'm not silly enough to argue that the incremental revenues from few sweaters are a catalyst to buy retail stocks--particularly given my macro concerns about the stretched consumer--I thought that, for these very reasons, it was worth noting the pennant that's formed in the group.

  • We noted the SOX pennants before. Now we've got a retail pennant. And we've got earnings coming up. And low levels of implied volatility. Does anyone else get the sense that the weather isn't the only thing about to change in a big way?

  • Yo Ren, Whassup? Tell 'em where you from...

  • I've been watching Yahoo (YHOO) go higher each day, scrunching my nose that I didn't buy this pup in the low 20's. In an "input-output" media landscape, there's value in them thar eyeballs. Remind me I said that the next time it trades sloppy.

  • I'm rich!

  • October expiration is next Friday? Already? My Gawd.

  • Thy doors are open, Minyans, so lock yo' spot at the Festivus for the rest of us! The entire Minyan community will be there in force to celebrate life, share some hugs and handshakes and talk about the world we live in. If you or your firm would like to sponsor this event--we've always said that we're a reflection of the company we keep---lettuce know! It's for the kids and we're gonna make some lives a whole lot better!

  • More Answers I Really Wanna Know…

    • Between MV Kids, The Exchange, The Festivus, professional products, writing, trading, staffing, growing and being, is it safe to say that the fourth quarter plate is full and fuller?

    • Is anyone else getting that distinct sense of deja Boo as we listen to whispers of Google $1000 price targets?

    • If this is an echo, echo, echo, echo bubble, will the last leg higher be the most vicious?

    • Or is there already ample proof baked into the ursine puddin'?

    • What does it say that I got three text messages within the span of one hour---from people I haven't heard from in a mighty long time---asking me if they should buy Google?

    • What's October without Yanks-Sox?

    • Speaking of SOX and pennants, are you watching these converging SOX pennants?

    • What song is Minyan Jilly gonna go with?

    • Nazz breadth is negative?

    • So, are The Stones, The Dead and The Beatles a decent threesome for the late-night holiday Festivuties?

    • Do you see the ongoing reflation trade battle?

    • You strapped in for the 2:00 FOMC minutes?

    • Google down on the day?


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