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Answers I Really Wanna Know Into the Election


Is the economy a punt for both candidates?

  • Were we dreaming yesterday when we heard that Minyanville's Hoofy and Boo were nominated for an Emmy Award?

  • Will you exercise your privilege to get out and vote today?

  • Given the state of our union and the anatomy of our market, isn't the economy a "punt" for both candidates?

  • In other words, if the economic condition will be rough sledding over the next four years regardless of who wins-time and price are the only arbiters of our financial fate and debt destruction is an unavoidable destination-won't today's vote come down to social change vs. defense spending?

  • Is there any shame in saying "mea culpa" for some seriously flawed decisions over the last eight years and attempt to work together on a global basis to repair our flawed credibility on a global basis?

  • With world markets massively lower than they were last year, isn't that "healthy" as we need to go through this to get through this?

  • What exactly is vim and vigor?

  • With the pre-market futures gapping higher, can't we learn a lot just by watching?

  • For instance, if Amazon (AMZN), eBay (EBAY) and Research in Motion (RIMM) are both flattish before the market opens, doesn't that hint at looming supply for those tech giants?

  • Have you digested the bull case and bear case into year-end?

  • With Minyanville's Festivus ONE MONTH FROM TODAY, have you locked your spot for our philanthropic trot?

  • Haven't you seen pictures from the 2006 Critter's Choice Awards?

  • Or the 2007 Festivus for the rest of us?

  • Does anyone else cringe every time they hear Toyota's (TM) "Saved by Zero" commercial?

  • Isn't that what got our A.D.D. immediate gratification consume now pay later society into this mess in the first place?

  • Which is why "the other side of zero percent financing" was one of our ten themes for 2008?

  • If the primary "trend" during the last week has been higher, won't President Tyler dictate that Turnaround Tuesday will end lower?

  • Does life imitate art? (We sure hope so!)

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