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Randoms: Unintended Consequences of The Trading Tax


Can new plan be more damaging to financials than expected?

  • It's hard to envision this potential trading tax as a net positive for the financials. That's the thing about unintended consequences-sometimes the result is more damaging than the solution.

  • While Wall Street may be an acceptable casualty of war for those in Washington and on Main Street, let's be careful here. We're already dangerously close to socialism-let's not pass the point of no return, if we haven't already done so.

  • If you want to voice your disapproval of this bill, stand up and be counted against the trading tax? Click here!

  • My single greatest fear for Hoofy? That Boo's downside meander will "end" with a bang rather than a whimper (I say "end" in the context of a bullish phase, not a secular cycle shift).

  • The Big Bang Theory? General Motors (GM)? General Electric (GE)? Eastern European contagion? You got me but I plan to have some dry powder when and if that time arrives.

  • S&P 800 remains an important technical-and psychological-toggle.

  • Speaking of psychology, I think I put my therapist in therapy.

  • "In looking at the slides from Deere's (DE) analyst presentation this morning, I was struck by the following comment regarding the Congressional Dreamliner (a.k.a. the Economic Stimulus package signed yesterday): "Minimal impact in fiscal 2009, majority in 2010 and 2011" I guess "shovel ready" must really mean shovels and not tractors or heavy construction equipment. Better call Dreamliner One back to the terminal. Those passengers are likely to get pretty hungry if take off isn't until 2010." --Minyan Peter on yesterday's Buzz.

  • Come on ride the train! We're building the Minyanville Underground Railroad, a global grid of Minyans who believe there is a better way to do business and our name and word still mean something. If you have an interest in being a Minyan Ambassador-being the Minyan "point" in your region-please let us know!

  • Man, this is getting Biblical and Biblicaler!

  • Bank America (BAC) is off 10% (or, put another way, 45 cents) and Citigroup (C) is down 8% (20 cents). I stopped fading (buying) this complex last week as my internal odds of outright nationalization up-ticked from 10% (post Geithner's comments) to 35% (before Elmer's epiphany).

  • A few Minyans noted that I've been writing with less "me" and are concerned I might be burning out. Well, it's better to burn out than to fade away, right?

  • The point is well taken-and much appreciated-but not to worry. Given the historic juncture, I'm simply fighting the good fight, as we all are, and holding the musket with both hands.

  • Besides, I can always link to my inner monologue and reference Things I've Learned as I attempt to balance (business, trading, Minyanville) Toddo and (regular guy, music loving, still single) Todd.

  • We've all got our "stuff"... but the journey is more enjoyable when it's shared with kind company.

  • You want an alternative train song? Try this one on for size!

  • Professor Smita has swung by MVHQ and she reminds me of the Minyan Mantra: People who are very good at what they do and better at who they are.

  • Fare ye well, friends, and enjoy the orange whip.


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