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Explaining the Market's Reaction to Yesterday's Fed Statement


On the Dylan Ratigan show, Todd discusses the underlying issues in the markets, economy, and politics.

"It is the private multi-trillion dollar bond investors vs. the US government and European Central Bank, each one betting whether any of these nations can pay off their tens of trillions in debt" said Dylan Ratigan on his MSNBC show yesterday.

Todd made a guest appearence alongside with Barry Ritholtz., who noted that people are betting Uncle Sam and the Central Banks will come to the rescue of banks, investors, and speculators, but not the average citizen.

On the other hand Todd explains why he thinks this situation is different than the Great Depression, saying, "FDR did not know what a derivative was ... the real difficulty here is the political process takes time, and the markets move dynamically at whip speed." He also notes that we're seeing drugs that mask the symptoms, rather than medicine that cures it.

See the full segment below.

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