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Answers I Really Wanna Know: The Big Bang Theory?


Commence countdown to the mark-to-market hearings on Thursday.

  • Why do I get the sense that in terms of market volatility, we ain't seen nothing yet?

  • Perhaps it's the historic Toddo Sleep-O-Meter readings this week?

  • The looming Ides of March?

  • Or the entirely more probable Mark-to-Market hearings on Thursday that every trader on the Street is watching?

  • If the government doesn't pull a rabbit from their hat, will we see white flags and black swans on either side of the weekend?

  • While I've been trading from the long side into this event, does discipline dictate selling strength (and flattening my short-term pad) into this widely watched unknown? (Yes.)

  • While maintaining my S&P 600 bid for 25% of my long-term nest egg in tact? (Yes.)

  • Doesn't history teach us that the Great Depression caused the stock market crash and not the other way around?

  • Societal acrimony? What societal acrimony?

  • You call that acrimony?

  • Will online brokers emerge as winners in the new world as folks yank bank from financial advisers?

  • In that scenario, won't a trusted choice for a financial voice play a massive role?

  • If excess breeds excess, must we respect the question: What if we're only half way there?

  • Are you ready for the Beast of the East to unleash some madness?

  • 20,000 jobs slashed at hedge funds?

  • Have you read Professor Bennet's excellent Beatles' Guide to the Bear Market?

  • Who was it that said that bear markets are littered with false hope and empty promises (cyclical bulls nestled within a secular bear)?

  • Is the entire world buying higher and selling lower?

  • Are you in a position to use price to your advantage?

  • Should we start an M&A activity list as anecdotal evidence of bullish stirrings?

  • With Merck (MRK)-Schering Plough (SGP), Rohm and Haas (ROH)-Dow Chemical (DOW) and (possibly) Roche Holding-Genentech (DNA) on the running tally?

  • Have you read on the Buzz & Banter that I'm steadily peeling out of my General Electric (GE) calls?

  • Why does the phrase "dancing between the elephants" keep coming to mind?

  • Did I mention that a slew of casual observers (who were quick to dismiss our warnings in September) pinged on Friday to inform me they're finally "all cash"?

  • Doesn't it feel like a slew of pundits were quick to call a bottom yesterday?

  • How do you reconcile those two admittedly anecdotal observations?

  • Have you checked out the snazzy new OptionSmith by Professor Steve Smith? Why not take a FREE trial?

  • Is this chart (courtesy of BTIG uber-strategist Mike O'Rourke) a snapshot of our long-vibed Wishbone World?

  • Why do loud chewers bother me so much?

  • Is this a form of protectionism?

  • Why aren't those crispy noodles from Chinese chicken salads used more often in other meals?

  • Oh joy, North Korea put its military on standby for 'war'?

  • Did someone really take my legs out while I was going up for a game winning lay-up Saturday?

  • Is the rest of planet feeling what I'm seeing in NYC?

  • Tommy can you hear me? Tommy? Tommy?

  • Did you know yesterday was National Napping Day or did you snooze through it?


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