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Quick Hits: Crime Does Pay - in Euros


Brief scrutiny of today's headlines.

While eye masks, tip-toeing and black-and-white striped sweaters will always be indispensable, criminals may soon make sacks marked with a dollar sign a thing of the past.

A Canadian government report states that organized crime groups are slowly dumping the weakened US dollar as a means to pay for drug shipments or settle scores.

Glowing briefcases, presumably holding a crime lord's soul, will still be traded favorably.

The report, given by the Criminal Intelligence Service of Canada, said that inflation has forced international ne'er-do-wells to switch from their standard exchangeable currency to the euro as payment for illicit goods.

Hit hardest by the move is the new guy, who has to somehow make the multi-dimensional euro denominations fit snugly in the briefcase.

Ironically, those nefarious gangsters -- who always seem to be one step ahead! -- have adopted the euro just as the dollar appears to be bouncing back, and the euro has evened out.

Apparently, the appeal of a dazzling array of colors placed next to that kilo of blow is much too enticing for anyone to pass up.
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