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Random Thoughts: Recipe for a Perfect Storm


Skies are darkening over the Street.


The following missive appeared on our premium Buzz & Banter this morning at 9:53 AM:

One truism I've learned through the years is to stay humble or the market will do it for you.

Indeed, just when you think you've got a handle on the tape, it typically precedes a pretty painful lesson.

With that said--and with hat in hand--I'm vibing a trade that may or may not unfold but as I can't seem to shake it, I wanted to share it.}

How's this--further slippage in crude, perhaps to $110/barrel.

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That could light a match under the equity market for a move into or near S&P 1350 (which is the trendline of lower highs since October).

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From there, a wicked reversal that shakes the near-term bulls and scolds the 'late to the party' crude bears.

I May be nuts--dude, I've got metaphorical imagery as friends--but I'm honest. Always honest.


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