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Answers I Really Wanna Know: Dollars and Asset Classes


Are you really surprised that the 3Q winners (hard assets) got punked to start the fourth quarter?

  • Air bags?

  • Shouldn't the trading desks that operate under the management of the folks who spoke to Bernanke during the August angst have their trading records examined?

  • Who would conduct these investigations and why, pray tell, would anyone want to lift the proverbial kimono?

  • Why hasn't this story gotten more play in the mainstream media (other than the fact that the most powerful people in the world don't want it to)?

  • Holy Homies, do you see the giveback in that space?

  • Didn't we ask the bulls yesterday to wait until the homies mounted HGX 185 before they whipped out their party hats?

  • If they--and the banks--led us up...?

  • Is G-L-O-R-I-A gonna join us for the Bonesfest tonight?

  • Why can't I shake the feeling that yours truly will be the next in line for the MV stomach bug that's buzzing through MVHQ?

  • While the sharpest corrections occur in the context of a bull market (and vice versa), how can we know, without the benefit of hindsight, the difference between a pullback and poppage?

  • What's more amazing, John Travolta's rise from Vinnie Barbarino or Tom Hanks' ascent from Kip Wilson?

  • Are you officially old when you're secretly excited getting into bed at 8:00 and stealing a good night's sleep?

  • Is this the last week my Raiders will (ever) be in first place?

  • Dollar. Asset classes. Asset classes. Dollar. Any questions?

  • Is anyone else having a hard time getting G-L-O-R-I-A out of their head?

  • Between MV Kids, The Exchange, The 12/7 Festivus, columns, trading, "other" huge roll-outs and the labor intensive process of hiring more MVHQ staffers, is it any wonder that my time management skillz are being tested?

  • Are you really surprised that the 3Q winners (hard assets) got punked to start the fourth quarter?

  • I mean, doesn't it make sense that funds held 'em up until their letters were sent?

  • What's for lunch?

  • Will a weak jobs number be viewed positively (more rate cuts!)?

  • Will a strong jobs number be viewed positively (rate cuts working!)?

  • Does that win-win mindset pave the way for maximum frustration through Red Dye?

  • What weighs more, a ton of feathers or a ton of bricks?

  • Was the fact that Mr. Potato head was sweating, rubbing the back of his neck and listening to trance music on his i-Pod a tell-tale sign that something was amiss?


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