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Answers I Really Wanna Know: What's Ahead For Real Estate?


What happens when commercial real estate begins to spin or the consumer fades on the heels of what was once home equity?

  • Did you ever wonder if Chico knew what he was doing when he backed the bad news bears with bail bonds?

  • With everyone worrying about the dollar, was yesterday's snivlet of a snapback a precursor of what's to come if the other side of that trade arrives?

  • I mean, you saw gold smelt for $40 and crude slipped 3%, right?

  • With the dollar bouncing one measly percent?

  • While this dynamic is big picture stuff-the dollar is off 37% since 2002 while the S&P is up 27%--should hang-wringing dollar holders be careful of what they wish for?

  • What does one get Buck Russell and Chanice Kobolowski as a wedding gift?

  • Did you happen to catch my last Buzz yesterday when I winked at Bonnie, took a deep breath and bought some Baidu (BIDU) near $300 into the close?

  • Pure trade, right? (yes)

  • How bout that Legg Mason (LM) news late yesterday as it postures to protect money market funds backed by commercial paper?

  • Isn't that precisely why I called my bank over the summer and made sure that my money market holdings were backed by treasury bills?

  • Have you made that call yet?

  • Are you leaving emotions for weddings and funerals?

  • That would be some pairs trade, eh?

  • Is the poke finally following the piggies?

  • Or will the latter matter stabilize in the absence of further multi-billion dollar write-downs?

  • But there will be a lot more write-downs, right?

  • I mean, wasn't most of what we've seen tied to residential real estate?

  • What happens when commercial real estate begins to spin or, even worse, the consumer fades on the heels of what was once home equity?

  • What am I, anti-American?

  • But wait, isn't there a difference between being bullish and being patriotic?

  • If wishes were knishes, how much would you weigh?

  • How serious can a cookie be with a name like Peak Frean?

  • So, the VXO (volatility index) is finally showing some fear in her thirties?

  • Are you keeping that in perspective when viewing previous pain pivots for this proxy?

  • Are we seeing forced selling into the close?

  • Is the Turnaround Tuesday rally too easy?

  • Should I employ trailing stops on my late-day purchases from yesterday? (For sure.)

  • But still up 50% since the August low?

  • And there is $12 billion in equity issuance supply this week?

  • When are hedge funds gonna start buying broker-dealers?

  • 2008? Already?


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