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Answers I Really Wanna Know: Premature Evacuation?


Entering Turnaround Tuesday with a balanced posture and quick trigger.

  • Do TV anchors have to be heavy?

  • If a handful of accountants could topple the global financial machination, how durable can that structure possibly be?

  • You can lead a bank to water but you can't make it lend?

  • Balancing the velocity of money in a finance-based economy while upgrading the quality of obligations on bank balance sheets is a tricky balance indeed, eh?

  • Are Research in Motion (RIMM) $70 and Apple (AAPL) $160 "too easy" in terms of pin risk?

  • How 'bout the nonsensical notion of Turnaround Tuesday?

  • Speaking of nonsensical notions, what does it mean that the sleep-o-meter red-lined last night to the point of a few hours, tops?

  • Will we look back at S&P 950 and NDX 1500 as the "easy trade" on this particular pullback?

  • In terms of tech, which gap "matters?" The one we filled on yesterday's close (from July 22nd) or the one that resides above (from yesterday's open)?

  • Through the lens of risk management, can Boo now use those latter gaps (NDX 1585 and S&P 985) as defined risk short-side stops?

  • Is the first fade lower the easy trade today following yesterday's heavy close?

  • While we don't "do" advice in Minyanville, how 'bout some snaps to Professor Cooper for offering that he was gonna short the end-of-week Snapper on Friday before the end-of-week Snapper arrived?

  • While expiration weeks are always wild and woolly, will the thin August ranks make this week even wilder?

  • I mean, would you really be that surprised if August turned out to be a barn burner?

  • Do you have any idea how difficult it is to have a financial community sans acrimony in this day and age?

  • Who was it that once said to "never short a chart you can't ski?"

  • Have we flipped the switch from panic in a bull phase to denial in a bear maze?

  • In other words, are bulls and bears waiting for a bounce to sell and short, respectively?

  • If you believe that your name and word still mean something and honesty, trust, and respect are the foundational constructs of any successful endeavor, why aren't you aboard the Minyanville Underground Railroad?

  • Where, in addition to getting a sneak peak at Memoirs of a Minyan on Tuesday nights, you'll also be part of our societal solution as we do our part to effect positive change?

  • If you got dinged in the market, will you remember not to try to make it back with one swing?

  • For those who aren't on the Buzz, can I share this post from late yesterday regarding my recent bear costume foray?

    "Through the lens of "trades are made to be taken" and with a conscience nod that the "easy" trade may work to S&P 950 and NDX 1500, I'm gonna slip that last leg out of my metaphorical bear costume. After a trifecta of 2% scalps last week and a lucky catch today, I have no qualms about tightening up my risk profile into Turnaround Tuesday.

    To be clear, we take the good with the bad in the 'Ville. It wasn't long ago that I got clipped on the short-side and limped to the dugout, cap in hand. In this business, you gotta stay humble or the market will do it for you. That, coupled with "the mechanics of the swing being more important than the results of the at-bat," has me unwinding risk (as we edge away from the best set-up of the year) rather than rolling stops lower and riding waves into Labor Day.

    Where you stand is a function of where you sit so to each their own. As always, after we toss the ball back to the mound and jog to the dugout for a restful evening, we'll be back in the game tomorrow, ready to play and pounding our glove like Graig Nettles. Fare ye well into the bell

  • Will I suffer from premature evacuation or was that discipline, pure and simple, as I again "hit it to quit?"

  • Are the Yankees peaking too early?

  • Can we read anything into yesterday's relative strength in Citigroup (C)?

  • Where did the summer go?

  • Have you circled Friday, December 4th for our annual Festivus to celebrate children's education?

  • Are your eyes peeled for potential pin risk into Friday's expiration (stocks with out-sized open interest at a particular strike relative to average daily volume)?

  • Are you only trading with what you can afford to lose?

  • CSN at Red Rocks on September 1st. Are we there yet?


Position in RIMM
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