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Android Porn Gives Apple a Reason to Blush


With open-source, apps can show a little skin.

A little spice has just been added to the iPhone (AAPL) versus Android (GOOG) debate. Like Apple, Google has certain content standards for its Android Market, allowing only apps that would never carry a NSFW (not suitable for work) stigma. However, in stark contrast to Apple, Google has little reason to stand in the way of an open-source format and prevent third-party developers from implementing some "adult themes" and "sexual situations" into Android phones.

Maybe androids are closer to humans than we thought.

Similar to the default Android Market, a new service called MiKandi -- pronounced "My Candy" -- provides a marketplace that focuses on free and paid adult-themed applications, making it the world's first adults-only mobile app store. Whether taking advantage of the touchscreen, GPS, or the accelerometer -- something the better apps will undoubtedly do -- porn apps ought to become fairly interesting in the next few months of development.

Taking a few potshots at Apple's oppressive app approval process (see Apple: Drunk With Power), MiKandi's developer page specifically invites software creators who were "app-blocked" because of adult content, to come aboard.

"Most importantly, we do not place heavy restrictions or try to censor your apps," the site promises. "Our job is to make sure you have all the tools you'll need for success. As long as it's legal, the sky's the limit."

Presently, the MiKandi Market is in its infancy and lacks the extensive choices found at most video-streaming sites. On the Motorola (MOT) Droid, the app installed quickly -- with a brief warning of loading third-party apps not approved by the Android Market. Only two apps are currently available -- one of which was titled "DilDroid."

Users can easily assume what feature is heavily utilized for this app which, on the plus side, wouldn't make it distracting to movie theater patrons or lecturing college professors.

The addition of porn to the Mobile OS War hearkens back to a major company battle of the late '70s and early '80s. Sony (SNE) and JVC were sparring in an intense proprietary format war which pitted Betamax against VHS. Some argue that the deciding factor in the war came when Sony refused to cater to the adult industry, thus pushing video store backrooms toward JVC's favor.

Today, it isn't likely that MiKandi will completely level the playing field between Apple and Android. Mobile-device quality is still paramount in the competition and paid apps may not prove to be effective when a few adult streaming sites, like PornHub, already offer free video for Android users. The porn industry is no stranger to suffering because of free content. (See Sex, Drugs, and the Rocky Economy: Pornography.)

But MiKandi is a testament to what an open format, rather than Apple's locked doors, can do -- not only for the frustrated and denied app developer, but the end user as well. And if adult business is the forerunner to new technologies (see Eight Great Moments in Pornographic Innovation), we may see better apps overall after MiKandi hits its stride.

What's the harm in having a little fun in the process?
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