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Answers I Really Wanna Know: Forgotten Financials


JP Morgan quietly dipped 10% yesterday.

  • Are commodities the next intuitive fade lower through the lens of deflation?

  • What does it say about the sorry state of the financials when JP Morgan (JPM) was down almost 10% at a point yesterday and garnered nary a mention in the mainstream press?

  • With Washington Mutual (WM) trading at a ring size, Lehman Brothers (LEH) holding a yard sale and Wachovia (WB) dancing like a redheaded teen, are you really that surprised?

  • For those talking about the decoupling between the financials and the market, isn't this chart all you really need to see to put that banter to bed?

  • How many traders are leaning against S&P 1350 as a bovine backstop?

  • Why didn't any Sovereign Wealth Funds participate in the Lehman deal?
  • JP Morgan, which only a month ago was with 2% from a 52-week high, is now tickling a 52-week low?

  • When rookies start on Wall Street these days, do veteran traders still tell them to go fetch the keys to the clearing house?

  • Does anyone else think of Seinfeld every time they hear the name Dolores?

  • Are you really gonna be all that surprised if (when) the airlines are nationalized?

  • How 'bout Fannie Mae (FNM)?

  • What, exactly, is the difference between bok choy and baby bok choy?

  • Capital preservation, debt reduction, financial literacy. Any questions?

  • If my diet were a marriage, would I have to move to Utah and have a polygamous relationship with M&M's?

  • Y'all see Shanghai sitting on massive technical support following the 8% drubbing on concerns regarding credit-market losses and higher borrowing costs?

  • Ben Bernanke said last night that the risk of a "substantial downturn" in the economy has receded in the past month?

  • Can I have what he's having?


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