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Quick Hits: Air Canada Slashes Costs, Passengers


Brief scrutiny of today's headlines.

Lately, airlines are finding increasingly creative ways to save money. Delta (DAL) charges for Wi-Fi, JetBlue (JBLU) for pillows.

But one airline has pulled ahead of the pack.

Not content to simply deny passengers basic human comforts in order to save money, Air Jazz -- a regional affiliate of Air Canada -- is now looking to cut corners on safety. The airline has dumped life vests to reduce weight, thereby saving on fuel.

Though critics have called the move an unthinkable threat to passengers, Air Jazz stands by their free-form, unhindered-by-conventions-or-rules-or-ordinary-ethics approach to flying.

Manon Stuart, a spokesperson for Air Jazz, claimed the airline is looking to save costs by removing "duplication," since life vests and seat flotation devices supposedly serve similar functions. So now, in the event of an emergency water landing, passengers will have to rely solely on the narrow, quasi-buoyant cushion they've been sitting on.

Stuart insisted, however, that infant life vests will not be removed.

Ironically, those who have flown with infants insisted their life vests be the first to go.

According to Canadian flight regulations, a plane is required to carry life vests if it travels beyond 50 nautical miles from the shore. But if the flight is within those parameters, it need only give passengers the option of a live vest or flotation device. With some careful adjustment of their flight paths, Air Jazz was able to do just that.

To cover flights overseas, life vests will be replaced by 4 giant wooden oars.
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