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Random Thoughts: Mr. Market Spites Piggies


Financials can't hold back the markets.


Editor's Note: The following was posted in real time on our premium Buzz & Banter (click for a free trial). It's being shared here for the benefit of the Minyanville community. See also Answers I Really Wanna Know: Which Trading Team is Off-Sides? and The Market Wants to Rally; Will the Banks Let Them?

The Jump and Juggle! - 2:28 pm

  • A few years ago, I wrote about The Blame Game. Today, in one of the better scribes I've read in a while, Minyan Peter encapsulated the present day manifestation of that energy. Anyone can point fingers but prosperity lies in the ride ahead. Be a part of the solution. Be a Minyan.

  • I'll again say that the market wants to rally but they've gotta shed the anchor anklet that are the financials first.

  • If and when the tide turns, Deutsche Bank (DB) and Mother Morgan (MS) are nominated as best actors. That's a mighty big if and an unknown when but you can always learn a lot just by watching.

  • Bikini? Small. Heels? Tall. Breadth? Flat. Dollar? Down, which is a necessary precursor (but no guarantor) of higher asset classes.

  • I'm a creature of habit. I like to go to the same five restaurants, I've lived in the same (rent controlled) apartment for 14 years, I have no problem wearing the same jeans over and over and I would eat the same thing every day if I could (oh wait, that's the A.D.D. talking).

  • Why do I share that fare? Because the new 'Ville is at times unfamiliar as I search for content and find my way. But you know what? It's AWESOME, and it'll facilitate the next phase of our growth, which will benefit our entire global community. Thanks for the patience with the glitches and twitches--it's par for the course, or so I'm told!

  • As always, I hope this finds you well.

Answers I Really Wanna Know... - 3:05 pm

  • Is this--er, was that--contra hour?

  • Will the market drag up the piggies or will the pork fork the tape?

  • Jeezums, anyone else feel like there's news coming in Bank of America (BAC)?

  • When in doubt, sit it out or, at the very least, trade in between?

  • Is it possible that I've put my therapist in therapy?

  • Is it telling that market internals couldn't assume the (2:1) position during that Snapper attempt?

  • Another meeting? Seriously Kevin? Don't you know that the market is open until 4:00 PM on Tuesdays?

Bell Buzz - 3:49 pm

It's funny, all this "left brain, right brain" stuff, as I hop from my turret (left) to President Fish's office (right) and back. Or... is that right, left, right? I'm not sure (I flunked flank) but rather than debate the subject, I'm gonna vibe on the market. Novel, I know, but hey, times are tough. Indulge me...

  • Lest you think it only happens to you, I made partial sales (at lower levels) towards the end of contra-hour as a function of discipline. I'm still there, mind you, but not to the point where I'm staring at every tick. My vibe the same, only the size has changed.

  • Tricks of the Trade: Size your initial exposure accordingly if you're gonna stick it out for a while. Case in point Yahoo (YHOO)--I got a little, uh, aggressive when I initiated the position this morning and, upon further review, pared it such that I'm in a position to add lower or feed the ducks higher.

  • Speaking of Yahoo, I'll be on TechTicker Thursday. Between that and the MarketWatch message boards, it's a good thing I've got thick skin. People be... hmm, what's the politically correct, socially acceptable word I'm looking for? Ah yes, pissed. In general, but particularly with anyone that has anything to do with finance.

  • Finally, and this needs to be said, THANK YOU to the tireless team at MVHQ for the Herculean task of launching the new 'Ville. We run a lean and mean operation in these parts and they've worked around the clock and through the (Super Bowl) weekend to roll this puppy out. Snaps to you, you, you, you... all y'all.

  • Gratitude is latitude, Minyans--enjoy the journey. You've most certainly earned it.


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