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Answers I Really Wanna Know: Did the Fed Bail Out JPMorgan?


Bear Stearns may not have been the real target.

  • What if the March 17th Federal Reserve bailout wasn't aimed at Bear Stearns (BSC)?

  • What if it was actually a bailout of JP Morgan (JPM)?

  • For instance, what if billionaire Joe Lewis had a "knock out" provision on his Bear Stearns exposure?

  • And JP Morgan was the counter-party on that transaction?

  • Could it be that JP Morgan was responsible for listing-and trading-the out-of-the-money puts in Bear Stearns?

  • Is that why we never saw an investigation of that outsized activity?

  • If you perceive a 70% chance that Fannie Mae (FNM) goes to zero and a 30% chance that it zooms to $100 (in front of the election with the Federal Reserve blowing in its sails), how would you position yourself?

  • If TiVo (TIVO) crowed Madison Avenue out of television and satellite is doing the same to radio, aren't video games (and massive multiplayer online games) the next intuitive advertising spend?

  • Isn't that ample motivation for Electronic Arts (ERTS) to up its bid for Take-Two (TTWO)?

  • Or, extending that logic to the next generation media landscape, wouldn't Microsoft (MSFT) pay up for Yahoo (YHOO)?

  • Speaking of which, have you turned your kids on to Minyanland yet?

  • Is the widespread perception that Microsoft will deploy its capital in another manner-such as Facebook, where it's currently kicking the tires-the root cause of its heavy action?

  • If the company turns its attention inward and announces a massive buy-back, won't the shorts be left holding the bag?

  • What is this bag and why are so many people constantly grasping at it?

  • Y'all see the lower highs in the drillers despite incessant all-time highs in crude?

  • Isn't that the textbook definition of a negative divergence?

  • Have I communicated to thy faithful that I'll be out of the office tomorrow, first for a funeral and then for a wedding?

  • If you only see your family for weddings and funerals, isn't it high time that changed?

  • In ten years, will we look back at this period and rationally conclude that the U.S. was the credit engine rather than the growth engine?

  • What if that engine room finds more steam?


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