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Random Thoughts: Warmth Hits the Street


Traders look to get an edge on the market.

  • Imagine being a fly on that wall?

  • The love of sunshine--and the sunshine of our love--is in full affect as spring descends on Gotham. Indeed, the first eighty degree day of the year has alotta traders itching to hit the exits, present company included. The good news? In less than four hours, we'll be able to do just that.

  • I'm still there in McClatchey (MNI) (+5%) and Gannett (GCI) (-2%), with an eye towards the longer-term and bigger picture. Against that, I'm looking for cheapie puts while remaining mindful that two potential catalysts loom large: the technical metric (you know the drill) and the upcoming FOMC.

  • I just blinked and it was April, 2008.

  • If I told you on March 17 that we could fast forward 11% into resistance (S&P 1405) while the VXO shed 45%, what would be your hands-over-eyes response?

  • Feel free to use your nightstick officer!

  • If you're into trophy hunting, give the buck a 9mm before calling it a sport.

  • On the bright side, I wasn't short Baidu (BIDU) into earnings. On the not so bright side, I faded the opening with a tight stop and took a small loss. You can do anything as long as you're disciplined even if you don't do it very well.

  • Double secret probation? Merrill (MER) and Lehman (LEH) both run into near-term resistance in and around the $50 level.

  • S's over N's, as Microsoft (MSFT) is 6% of the NDX.

  • I love it when a plan comes together! Click here to see kids at the Children's Aid Society learn to earn with Hoofy and Boo!

  • How do you tell the difference between trades vs. investments? If you're willing to buy lower…no-if you want it to move lower so prices can be used as an opportunity rather than a hindrance.

  • Here are some rays of violet lest you needed them.

  • There are two things we don't "do" in the 'Ville: rumors and politics*. The asterisk applies to when the financial markets are affected. Through that lens, please read what Professor Adam Michael recently wrote. I'm in agreement, as I've been alluding to for the last year.

  • I'm taking a long look at Yahoo (YHOO) through the lens of our aforementioned next generation media landscape. 500 million eyeballs are worth something to someone somewhere, although my sense is that Microsoft will wrestle control (hostile or not).

  • What is it about sushi that makes it entirely more enjoyable when eaten with chopsticks instead of a fork?

  • MVHQ Paintball May 17. Noice.

  • Is private equity "smart money" for investing in the financials? Perhaps. One could argue that billionaire Joe Lewis was a sharp cookie too.

  • Fare ye well, Minyans, and we'll see you on the other side of the respite.


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Positions in GCI, MNI, MER
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