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Answers I Really Wanna Know: A Respite from Reality?


Wary Bulls eye Turnaround Tuesday.

  • How many times can Bonnie Tyler save this tape?

  • While I sat on my hands for most of yesterday's Art Carnage, did you read about my near-term approach and big picture game plan?

  • Including "on the closing bell" call option nibbles in Boeing (BA), BHP Billiton (BHP), Intel (INTC), Research in Motion (RIMM), Ultra S&P (SSO) (which joined placeholder positions in Yahoo (YHOO) and Dryships (DRYS)) as the S&P nestled into 700?

  • And should the S's mess to 600, I'll deploy 25% of my long-term account into equities (for the first time in many years).

  • If you're active--trading, not sexually (although both are fine)--why not give the real time Buzz & Banter a free trial poke?

  • Does anyone know what the national threat level currently is?

  • Don't they have phones in the lockdown room at the White House?

  • Has the looming 20% move begun?

  • Who needs to trade size when you've got volatility like this?

  • Have you checked out our new options newsletter, OptionSmith by Steve Smith - coming soon?

  • Is there really anything wrong with a little St. Stephen on our time?

  • Societal acrimony? What societal acrimony?

  • Are you very good at what you do, better at who you are and believe that your name and word still mean something?

  • Then why not join the Minyanville Underground Railroad and be a part of our global grid of human capital intent on affecting positive change?

  • Why can't I get Ethel MUR-man out of my head?

  • What do you fear more-missing or losing?

  • Are you reminding yourself that opportunity cost is the other side of discipline?

  • Does "Minyan Mun Yee" win the award as the best Minyanville moniker of all time?

  • Can you say that five times fast?

  • Professional athlete salary deflation?

  • If YOU were gonna introduce some game changing regulations, would YOU buy slug of a major bank-say, Citigroup (C)-before announcing the shift?

  • Particularly if YOU were catching a lot of heat for spending taxpayer's money?

  • Remember all those capital injections by U.S. sovereign wealth funds into financial institutions way back when?

  • How's the mood in those circles these days?

  • Anyone else miss the Critter's Choice Awards?

  • Did you see CDS spreads across the spectrum-banks (Bank of America (BAC), Citi (C), JPMorgan (JPM), Wells Fargo (WFC)), life insurers, General Electric (GE)-poppin' like Bluto in a college cafeteria yesterday?

  • Is this song an inevitable element of my immediate future?

  • Who will win our First Annual MVHQ Karaoke Award tonight?

  • Are you, at the very least, trying to enjoy the journey?


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Positions in DRYS, BA, BHP, RIMM, SSO, YHOO
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