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Answers: Looming Shoes or Hiking Boots?


Crosscurrents galore for Turnaround Tuesday.

  • Could the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation be an unforeseen shoe looming in our midst?

  • I mean, did the federal agency that insures the retirement funds of 44 million Americans really shift much of its $64 billion into stocks, emerging markets, real estate and private equity just months before last year's global financial collapse? (Yep.)

  • While that is consistent with our Ten Themes, can you imagine the societal acrimony that will percolate when this seeps into the mainstream mindset?

  • When do you think Minyanville will emerge as thought provocateur of the mainstream mindset?

  • With so many spotlight-seeking pundits in our midst, isn't there something to be said for steadily mapping the DNA of this demise and walking folks through the financial fire swamp?

  • How much of yesterday's 10% purge in the financials was an attempt to "clean the sheets" into quarter-end?

  • Is it worth noting that the last two (down) days were the slowest volume sessions of the month?

  • While the BKX (banking index) is still 47% above the March lows, will the mark-to-market rules shift on Thursday trigger another upside trade given the relaxed grip on the risk handlebars to start the Q2?

  • Will Morgan Stanley (MS) be the tell in that complex following John Mack's warning of a difficult year ahead?

  • The reaction to news is always more important than the news itself, right?

  • Did you read former Merrill Lynch Chief Economist Jack Lavery's excellent first Minyanville vibe?

  • Did you notice the subtle yet important mention of the upcoming mark-to-market reforms by the savvy soothsaying Jeff Saut?

  • Does anyone really like those big ugly nuts in the Planter's assorted nuts tin?

  • Are you looking at each day's P&L as an entity in and of itself?

  • Would now be a good time to alert Minyans that I'll be traveling to Boca Friday (business meetings and Margarita Maven) and Orlando April 16th (working from the hallowed halls of Atlantic Advisors that Friday)?

  • If I was a crustacean, would that make me shellfish?

  • Y'all see this week's excellent scribe from Dr. John Hussman?

  • A lot of that Rogers interview sounds familiar, eh?

  • Y'all see the stealth bid in big pharma yesterday (Bristol-Meyers (BMY), Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), Abbott Labs (ABT), Pfizer (PFE))?

  • With so much going on, are we remembering to keep an eye peeled to the potential for geopolitical strife between Israel and Iran?

  • Doesn't trading smaller size and fewer positions make sense in this environment?

  • Do you think Renee Walker and Jack Bauer become an item?

  • Does Yahoo (YHOO) warrant some defined risk upside paper for schnitz and giggles?

  • Does the fact that I've barely been excited for the April 25th Dead Reunion at the Garden speak to just how insanely busy it's been?

  • That doesn't mean we can't find time for some snazzy tunes, does it?


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