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Answers I Really Wanna Know: Squeeze or Wheeze?


Can we adapt our style to the new rules of the game?

  • Why did some say that yesterday's crude spike was due to anxiety regarding the bailout plan?

  • Isn't it, by definition, an unintended consequence of it?

  • Did anyone else notice Texas Tea rallied precisely to the underbelly of massive reverse dandruff?

  • Have we jumped the shark from deflation to hyperinflation?

  • If they're gonna change the rules in the middle of the game, isn't the onus on us to adapt our perception in kind?

  • At least until foreign holders of dollar-denominated assets-already anxious after years of diminishing return-scream "Uncle Sam" and debase the world reserve currency?

  • As Mr. Practical once sagely said, don't all roads ultimately lead to deflation?

  • If our long-standing lens of "asset class deflation vs. dollar devaluation" remains in play, what does it say that equities couldn't climb aboard the Matador City Express?

  • What's the world record for coffee consumption in any given morning?

  • Don't we need to pay heed to the specter of Turnaround Tuesday?

  • Particularly as "my brother" (who has the best pure trading feel I've ever seen) tells me that the RTH, USO, SPY and all other ETF's are hard to borrow (tough to short) and, in his view, could spark a massive rally as the bailout is passed?

  • Is the ability not to trade more important than trading ability?

  • Or at the very least, risk management more important than reward chasing?

  • Especially when operating in this environment is like trying to dance during an earthquake?

  • The National Retail Federation said weakness in the housing market, rising unemployment and lackluster income growth are going to be tough challenges for consumers and retailers this holiday season?

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