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Answers I Really Wanna Know: What Will Turnaround Tuesday Bring?


Bears look to take control from bovine.

  • How 'bout a little white light to those suffering in the wake of the quake?

  • With the VXO at 19, is this the calm before the summer storm?

  • Who will be the 100,000th critter in Minyanland?

  • Y'all see American International Group (AIG) break to a multi-year low late yesterday?

  • How 'bout Citigroup (C), which also traded with a distinct sense of the Mondays?

  • Haven't we learned that if a stock (sector) can't get jiggy with the tape, sellers are likely lurking in the wings?

  • Is Wal-Mart (WMT) a prime example that field position into earnings is as important as earnings itself?

  • Given inflation in things we need (and deflation in things we want), will corporate pass through those costs to an already strapped consumer or take the hit to their margins?

  • What if Jeff Saut is right and the next world war is fought over water rather than oil?

  • How awesome was it to watch Billy Joel and Sting sing Strawberry Fields Thursday night?

  • While everyone and their other brother Daryl watches S&P 1405, do you see how important NDX 2000 is through a technical lens?

  • Are carbon footprints shaped like a foot or a shoe?

  • Will there be a Hamptons benefit for the second homeless?

  • Why hasn't there been an investigation into the massive Bear Stearns (BSC) puts that listed-and traded-days before the once venerable firm imploded?

  • Doesn't it raise a flag that someone bought size March 30 puts while the stock was trading north of $70 the week before they were set to expire?

  • And March puts listed from $22.50 all the way to $5-again, the week before they were to expire-and traded 39,000 times in two hours?

  • Have you ever tried to type while a cat thinks every single keystroke is a personal challenge to play?

  • If newspapers are toxic, why is Cablevision (CVC) paying $650 million for Tribune's (TXA) Newsday?

  • If Newsday is worth $650 million, whataya think Gannett (GCI) could fetch?

  • Have you read Pep's Best in Breed highlighting Darling International (DAR), General Mills (GIS) and Sadia S.A. (SDA)?

  • Why is it that every time I hear "Chiquita Banana" I think of Lucille Ball?

  • You can spend all your time making money. You can spend all your love making time. If it all fell to pieces tomorrow, will you still be mine?


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