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Answers I Really Wanna Know...


Is this the most excited time in the history of media transformation?

  • Were the record setting net foreign purchases of US equities in April ($27.4 billion vs. $9 billion in March) all you need to know about what, er, who was behind the rip roaring rally?

  • Was the previous record really February 2000?

  • As much as I want the Apple i-Phone, how do I resolve the fact that it won't synch my business functionality?

  • How many other young professionals are facing the same quandary?

  • Do the technicians need to "buy in" hook, line and sinker before a downdraft qualifies as the path of maximum frustration?

  • If the BLS calculated my weight, would I tip the scales at a svelte 190 lbs?

  • What inning is the wealth transfer and risk transfer in?

  • What happens to your lap when you stand up?

  • Did the utilities, which bounced off their long-term trendline, fail right where they had to at UTY 540?

  • Is this the most excited time in the history of media transformation?

  • Is the persistent bid in ultra-high end real estate coupled with softness in middle America properties symptomatic of the "haves vs. have nots" dynamic we've long discussed?

  • Is Gore gonna run?

  • In an era of globalization, are you watching the unexpected downtick in German investor confidence?

  • Why doesn't HBO release Medellin to coincide with Entourage?

  • If the dollar breaks the multi-year trendline to the upside, what can we extrapolate about the future direction of interest rates?

  • Is that the chicken or the egg?

  • Why doesn't the 2000 Year Old Man get more play?


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