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Freaky Friday Potpourri


If you factor in all the time you spend thinking about what you have to do, how much time is left to be mindful of the present?


Fish don't fry in the kitchen
Beans don't burn on the grill
Took a whole lotta tryin'
Just to get up that hill

(The Jeffersons)

The Freak that is Friday arrives in the 'Ville with our digs on floor nine sounding eerily still. Yep, today's moving day in the hallowed halls as we cage up the critters and ship 'em to greener pastures. As with any migration, there are passing inconveniences and ours is no different. In fact, while they've already moved our televisions and most of the furniture, they'll begin breaking down my turret shortly after lunch.

Half day? Surely you jest. That's when the real work begins!

Alas, that's that and this is now so with that, let's scribe some vibe for the last time on the ninth floor.

  • Because your kiss, your kiss is on my list. Because your kiss, your kiss I can't resist? Yeah, the S&P seemingly has a date with destiny at that all-time high (S&P 1527). The question, quite naturally, is 'where do we go from there?' Given the 'all eyes on you' nature of the level--coupled with the flatish breadth and the looming weekend--I say we are contained by that number. At least, for today.

  • Why the crude bid? Yeah, could be a reason. Sure, hurricane watch is in its pre-game warnings and perhaps the summer driving season is partly to blame. But there are more ominous explanations, not just for crude but for the entire global balance.

  • Y'all see the drillers breaking to all-time highs here? And are all-time highs what they used to be (given the drag in the dollar)? I defer to the MV energy mavens on this one. In fact, Kru-Cat spoke about these monkeys in his always excellent morning missive.

  • Merrill Lynch & Co.'s China chairman said investors should pare their holdings in the nation, where the benchmark stock index has rallied 84 percent this year. "Valuations are too high and it's getting out of control.'' What the heck was Li talking about? The same thing he was!

  • "Coming into the week, the S&P 500 had six consecutive higher highs, higher lows and higher closes on the weekly chart. A close above 1505.85 on Friday would mark the seventh consecutive week with this pattern. A run of six is rare and only happened six other times since 1970. Past occurrences of six higher high, higher low and higher closes weekly are marked in green on the chart. See the chart here. (1) The S&P had eight higher lows weekly into expiry. Monday's close was down four of four times. The weekly close was down three of four. (2) The S&P just made six higher lows into expiry. Monday's close was down 78.5% 15 times and the weekly close was down 73.33%." Professor Jason Roney on yesterday's's Buzz

  • The feedback on Hoofy and Boo has been nothing short of fantastic. And they're about to get a lot more famous. Fear not on the nuts and guts financial stuff --we're determined to stay true to our roots. It's just that, by the end of '07, you'll see the entire vertical built out, from the ABC's to the 401(k)'s. Sorta like Walt Disney meets Wall Street. But better.

  • The German finance minister said at the G8 that the world economy is as good as it's ever been, according to Dow Jones Newswire. What is that ol' market axiom? News is always best at a what?

  • The average mind thinks 60,000 thoughts per day, 40,000 of which are recurring. If you factor in all the time you spend thinking about what you have to do, how much time is left to be mindful of the present? And yeah, like we have average minds!

  • What am I thinkin' in SUNW? $8ish, but I'll take the gap fillage between $5.60 and $6ish for starters.

  • Hey Minyans, are you gonna join the Minyanville family on Wednesday for the Miracle in Manhattan (6-9pm)? If so, I highly suggest watching Miracle before we gather with Rizzo and the boyz. I remember watching that game on a small black and white in my den. Was that really 27 years ago?

    Join us for a "Miracle in Midtown"

    Wednesday May 23rd... benefiting charities including the Ruby Peck Foundation for Children's Education

Fare ye well into the weekend, Minyans, and we'll keep it real-and real-time-over on the Buzz. May peace be with you!


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