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Freaky Friday the 13th Potpourri


Remember that the only difference between intervention and manipulation is communication. That's not a conspiracy theory, it's a matter of semantics.

  • Phoebe and Zoë may pull out some pliers and a blow torch and get medieval on this fella.

  • Hoofy will argue that the tape acts great given the heretofore laggage in the banks and homies and that the inevitable Snapper in those sectors, if and when, will spring this tape higher.

  • Boo, aka Debbie Downer, is resolute that non-confirmation by the financials is all we really need to know. And if the homies fail anew at HGX 218, then we'll really know we're gonna blow.

  • Minyan C and Professor Succo shared some thoughts on yesterday's Buzz that are worthy of a noodle. The takeaway? The US is the tail to the global asset class dog, volatility and liquidity are inversely related and yes, central banks are very active.

  • There's lotsa chatter about Imus going to Sirius (SIRI). I'll offer that there is a big difference between this situation and Howard Stern's shock jocking.

  • Remember that the only difference between intervention and manipulation is communication. That's not a conspiracy theory, it's a matter of semantics.

  • The answer my friend, is blowin' in the wind. And that wind, thus far, is at the back of the metals and drugs and into the teeth of the homies and semis (on the heels of the overnight Samsung news).

  • Gee Eee, they bring good things to life? Well, its earnings are out and the 800-lb gorilla is trying to violate the downtrend from the January highs.

  • Squalor Alert! The DXY is breaking to levels unseen since early 2005. Remember, through the lens of "asset class deflation vs. dollar devaluation," the only way Hoofy has a shot at higher equities is with the conditional element of a lower dollar. That doesn't mean the tape has to rally, it simply means that without a lower dollar, it has no shot.

  • We've got a monster addition to the Professor roster slated to start within the next two weeks. This guy is a fantastic 'nuts and guts' trader and has a very good rep on the Street. You know him---but you'll soon know him much better.

  • Japan closed lower (-1%) after Samsung missed earnings (watch for trickle through in the stateside semi sector) while the SENSEX sported a deuce (+2%).

  • S&P 1450, BKX 113.5, HGX 218 and GS 210. I'll keep noting them until the focus of contextual framework shifts.

  • I'm shooting down to Rubyville this afternoon to spend the weekend with the Margarita Maven. I'm slated to return Sunday evening but, evidently, there's a 100-year storm on its way. I'll do my best, as you know, but some things are out of my hands.

  • The Russell 1000 has risen during the week beginning on Tax Day in five of the past seven years, posting an average gain of 2.3% (Thanks AC).

  • Bad seasons define good fans and tough times define good friends. That type of perspective makes the grass seem greener and the wine taste sweeter on either side of the hill.

  • Is anyone else excited to see the next two episodes of Hoofy and Boo's News and Views on Tuesday and Thursday?

  • Fare ye well, faithful, and I'll see YOU on the other side of our requisite respite!


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