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Answers I Really Wanna Know...


Are you watching the reaction to earnings, which are more important than the earnings themselves?

  • How did we collectively exist before Blackberry?

  • Was the Monday fun a necessary "weed out" of the bears leaning against defined technical resistance?

  • How many governments can Jack Bauer piss off in one day?

  • Are you watching the reaction to earnings, which are more important than the earnings themselves?

  • What's the over-under on A-Rod home runs this season?

  • Achtung Baby! Do you see the 1.5% slippage in the German DAX?

  • Do we have to retest S&P 1450, BKX 113.50, HGX 218 and GS 210?

  • How great was Philip Seymour Hoffman in Capote?

  • Did you see that I punted a slew of my long side exposure yesterday to adjust for the diminishing delta of my S&P puts?

  • Will that disciplined move morph into a proactive unwind of my position (with further tape slippage)?

  • Is the dollar really near an all-time low against the Euro?

  • Should that be a shock to ye faithful Minyans?

  • Are Intel (+1%), Yahoo! (-12%), IBM (-2%) and JPM (+4%) among your Hump Day tape tells today?

  • How long can cost cutting offset the negative effects of higher input costs?

  • And how long can corporate eat those costs before passing them through to an already strapped consumer?

  • Did you see Pepe flag SunMicro as it approaches a TD-Sequential buy signal?

  • How many times will my personal trainer blow me off before I start reading into it?

  • Isn't imitation the sincerest form of flattery?

  • Ya'll see and give Boo the downside wink yesterday while we were munching on lunch?

  • So, what's your take on the latest episode of Hoofy and Boo's News and Views?

  • Is anyone else excited for tomorrow's new episode?

  • Which well known and uber-talented trader will be joining the Minyanville fold tomorrow?

  • What the heck did they eat for lunch?


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