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Random Thoughts


See both sides. Factor all outcomes into your risk profile. Allow for a margin of error.

  • You should see the toast, er, matzah-I couldn't even get it through the door!

  • Is the near-term band camp in the S&P 1425 (50-day) to 1450 (from where we broke)?

  • We've been talking about the war premium "benefits" to crude and the metals. That's a two-sided discussion as Iran heats up and Iraq tries to slow down.

  • The semis and the money center banks are giving Snapper a window to step through.

  • Market breadth (NYSE 2:1 negative), as it stands, looks like it wants to slam it shut.

  • See both sides. Factor all outcomes into your risk profile. Allow for a margin of error.

  • It's all time!

  • Thurman Munson. What a shame.

  • Just one more question, do firemen bring marshmallows with them when they battle this blaze?

  • Play "D"? While LEN is off 3%, LEND was down 13% out of the morning gate and has since bounced 8% off the low. We've been watching the latter matter as a tape tell, both before it filled the meaty upside gap and, now, upon resolution.

  • The New Century bankruptcy chatter isn't helping the sub-prime cause, particularly on the heels of the latest fundamental tidbit in the homie space.

  • Eat your heart out Bonnie Tyler, Turnaround Tuesday is upon us!

  • I'm leaning a tad short as a function of my positive gamma (SPY puts) against individual longs. With volatility where it is, I prefer to pick at names I like vs. straight sales of my downside mojo. I'm doing a bit of both, neither too aggressive and nothing that warrants metaphorical presence.

  • If you're not reading the Buzz & Banter, you're missing the best content in the 'Ville. So ya know.


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