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Answers I Really Wanna Know...


Can the tape really run without the financials?

  • How many fund managers will suffer the same fate?

  • Will the laggy banks and punkish homies continue their swill until the S&P wakes up and shakes lower?

  • Or has the tape acted absolutely fabu given those sectors, setting the stage for a sharp Snapper if and when their counter-trend bounce arrives?

  • Does the technical toggle that is 1540 answer these questions and define our risk?

  • How about S&P 1548 and 1555 as other near-term ursine backstops?

  • When's the last time that you smiled so hard that your face hurt?

  • Does the Chrysler deal, scheduled to wrap up next Monday or Tuesday, serve as a psychological LBO proxy?

  • The dollar index has a "seven-handle" for the first time in a decade?

  • Why are so many folks suffering from panic attacks?

  • Is that a by-product of the manifesting societal acrimony?

  • What's the speed of dark?

  • Do you see that KKR is refusing to budge on the lending terms of the 11 deals worth $121 bln currently in their pipeline?

  • Are you viewing this Countrywide Financial (CFC) "miss" through the right lens given its multi-year trendline?

  • That Edie Sedgwick story is tragic, eh?

  • Have you seen how the homies are fulfilling their "bubble comparison"?

  • Should those that breed dog fighting behavior be tossed in a locked room with those canines for a while?

  • Are you watching the drillers tickle the top end of their band camp?

  • As they're 31.5% above the 200-day, proving once again that bull markets tend to stay overbought longer than most would think?

  • Why does it typically take something bad to make us realize we've got it good?

  • Can the tape really run without the financials? (I say "not", for long anyway.)

  • Is there anything sweeter to Yankee ears than cocky Sox fans?

  • Is Boo gonna find finally find his groove and boogie like Napoleon?

  • What did you wanna know about China?

And, a special cameo edition of "Answers I Really Wanna Know" as provided by Professor Bennet Sedacca…

  • If someone told you that:

    1) Oil would be $75 a barrel
    2) Subprime would implode
    3) Corporate spreads would be blowing out
    4) Housing was in a death spiral
    5) Debt was exploding
    6) P/E's would be 19
    7) The average P/E would be 25
    8) GDP growth slowed to nearly 0
    9) Inflation was higher
    10) The war continued in Iraq
    11) Earnings growth would slow to 5%

    Would you believe that:

    1) The
    Trannies would be at or near record highs?
    2) The Dow would be at 14,000?
    Hedgers would be record long?


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