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Answers I Really Wanna Know...


Do you really think it's possible for the market to rally without financial leadership?

  • Did you know that only seven deals were announced on the latest Merger Monday, compared to 43 a week ago and 84 on June 4th?

  • Is Turnaround Tuesday Hoofy's best shot at a counter-trend rally?

  • Does that mean we should get long Bonnie Tyler?

  • Now that Paris Hilton is out of the slammer, do you think she'll ever wear stripes again?

  • Wouldn't the bulls have a better shot if the futures were indicated lower pre-market?

  • Do you see the stealth trend emerging as investors are demanding protective covenants on private equity investments?

  • 17 companies have already had to make these sorta adjustments this year?

  • Can that be part of the reason that Blackstone has a black eye since it came to market?

  • Are you watching that stock as a chief tell in this environment?

  • Do you think Vegas is ready for the Cirque de Pomboy next weekend?

  • Y'all see that Target is tracking at the low end of their projected June comps?

  • Does that have anything to do with the re-setting of adjustable rate mortgages?

  • Aren't those re-sets in the first few innings of a very crowded game?

  • Isn't that potentially problematic given the global breakdown in bonds?

  • Will those same ARM's eventually emerge as Alan Greenspan's legacy?

  • Are you lookin' pa nub in all the wrong places?

  • Did you check out the chart of sub-prime ARM delinquencies in the link above?

  • If S&P 1490 fails, how obvious will that double top at S&P 1540 become?

  • Haven't the banks been the single best tell?

  • Do you really think it's possible for the market to rally without financial leadership?

  • Particularly in a finance-based economy, with "financials in drag" such as General Motors and General Electric littering the landscape?

  • Will we continue to see waves of credit worries and intermittent periods of calm?

  • Will you ask "why" the FOMC would consider lowering rates, when that inevitable chatter begins?

  • Did you know that China's stock pickers are more bullish than they've ever been, despite the parabolic frolic these last few years?

  • While we don't "do advice" in the 'Ville, can I recommend seeing The Police when they swing through your hood?


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