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Random Thoughts to End the Day


May peace be with you!


  • Warren "Sumo" Sapp has as many pass receptions as he does sacks. Is it any shocker that the Bucs are under .500?

  • Minyanville posters are starting to sprout up on Wall Street walls.

  • Hoofy and Boo have been engaged in a vicious game of ping pong during the last hour.

  • Why the heck do the bond guys get all the vacations?

  • Syracuse hoops has a strong freshman class and a repeat is not out of the question. (UCONN does have a tough squad).

  • Breadth hasn't given Snapper the wink today. That doesn't mean he's AWOL, it just means that one of his bullets is blank.

  • The biotechs and internets continue to come under distribution.

  • Thank you for all the support regarding the Critters Choice Awards.

  • This S&P 1044 level is pretty important. Boo wants to declare a "double top" in the index but still fears the turtle.

  • Enjoying Minyanville? Tell a friend!

  • The trend of higher highs and higher lows remains in tact. Whether you want to game a trade to the lower end of the band tag (or beyond) is a function of your time frame and stylistic approach.

  • Elmer is making a huge bet that liquidity will wonder twin into increased spending and a self-sustaining recovery.

  • Fokker should be on "Average Joe."

  • Remember that SOX gap.

  • There's nothing worse than a cat with gas.

  • This barely qualifies as a dip (so far).

  • A lot of Minyans have become mentors. How cool is that?

  • Wanna roast your chestnuts on an open fire? Now you can!

  • Technicians in our midst are looking for a retest of Friday's high (and potentially above) to set up the "perfect" downside pattern.

  • Serendipity III. There simply is nothing better.

  • S&P 1044. NDX 1415. SOX 510. BKX 940.

  • Why do men smile when you say the word "nipple?"
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