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Freaky Friday Potpourri


Everyone's discipline slips at times. The goal is to trip, not fall.

  • Moxie? Mojo? Muscle? Yep. I think it was Macke who said on Fast Money last night that the sharpest corrections occur in the context of a bull market (which is something we've spoken about for years).

  • The close is more important that the opening , natch, but as it stands, the tea leaves don't support a Debbie Downer. NYSE Breadth is 3:1 positive, the financial duopoly is cooler than the other side of a pillow and the semis, small caps and emerging markets (EEM +2.5%)--not to mention energy and metals--are participatory.

  • What would shift the "stronger close" mentality? A move back below S&P 1498 (tight stop for Hoofy).

  • What should quell the bovine swell? Those very same piggies, under BKX 118 and XBD 260.

  • I can't shake the thought that Napa trumps Tahoe for MIM4. We're working on it, Minyans, and it'll be a stone cold groove (as anyone who's been to a mountain mingle can attest).

  • We've spoken about the notion of "asset class deflation vs. dollar devaluation" for a long time, offering that the liquidity driven world (which is all-of-a-sudden in vogue in the media-has inflated asset classes at the expense of the US Dollar.

  • Through that lens, the S&P is gold is soy beans is Citigroup is Fetzer Valves. And, with that very same lens, commodities often offer valuable clues with regard to equity action. SO, pulling it all together, keep an eye on CRB 310 as we're seemingly churning under resistance. It's not absolute--nothing is--but it's a piece of an intricate puzzle and, well, every little piece helps.

  • Have you seen our Separated at Birth module? A fraternity brother once told me that a little levity goes a long way and, well, this is alotta levity! Click here for Minyanville's Separated at Birth.

  • Happy Mother's Day to the mom's in the 'Ville! And to Dorothy and Carole, a special "Ruby wink" for being awesome examples of unconditional love.

  • As we add new professors and features, please remember that you can customize your Buzz by clicking on " preferences" on the lower left hand corner. You should also check out the 'other features' directly to the right.

  • Nice feel, yesterday, Mr. Weldon. While over-trading is the quickest way to excuse yourself from a bull market, those who listened to my tall and taller pal have plenty of dry powder to deploy into their favorite metal names.

  • Everyone's discipline slips at times. The goal is to trip, not fall.

  • Lorenzo Anello was right. The saddest thing in life is wasted talent.

  • Interesting story regarding Murdoch's bid placing a "Google-like value on Dow Jones." What the article misses, I think, is the massive media supermarket that would emerge after the combination. Instant FOX Business TV, instant presence (through MarketWatch) and massive synergies through the lens of "input/output" media pollination. I'm not sure this deal goes through but I'm fairly certain that if it does, the sum of the parts will be greater than the whole.

  • Less than four hours until our requisite two day respite, Minyans. Let's make 'em count and let's bring it home.


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