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Minyanville Underground Railroad: The Human Network


We can affect positive change, step-by-step, brick by brick, Minyan by Minyan.



DaisyPlease forgive the lag in correspondence as we, like you, are burning the candle at both ends. Alright, we've tossed the entire ball of wax in the fire! Still, there is no nobler a mission than to Aspire to Inspire,effect positive change and be a part of the solution.

For that, we thank you for your time.

The Underground Railroad was conceived while watching purported financial thought leaders one night on television. I thought to myself, "Self, these folks didn't see this coming, why is everyone depending on them to lead us through it?" Indeed, as old school Minyans can attest, we've long warned that the light at the end of a tunnel was a train.

Now, with the future upon us, the train has come full circle.

SnapperThe purpose of this network is to create a forum of change and surround ourselves with like-minded individuals, human doers rather than human beings. There is no concrete mandate or agenda. As with most things in life, we'll get out of this what we put into it.

Minyanville will eventually create a home page module akin to Google Maps that highlights Ambassadors, by region, through The Exchange. If you haven't signed up for The Exchange, we encourage-but don't require-you to do so through any article on Minyanville.

I would like to kick off this initiative by offering some random thoughts (are you really that surprised?). I will humbly ask Ambassadors to weigh in and share their views as we together shape the clay. Please know that this is a fluid, dynamic process and one we hope to have fun with. So, with that, let's get this party started right.

At our initial MVHQ MUR-meld, intuitive first steps included:

  • Logistics: MUR landing page, home page presence, Ambassador "status" on The Exchange (in motion, please be patient).
  • Recruit a Minyan: Prizes for driving Minyan awareness. (This isn't self-serving, we actually believe the 'Ville adds value!).
  • MUR Community Buzz & Banter: Natural extension of Buzz 3.0, which is being rolled out as we speak.
  • Regional Buzz Channels (very doable, probable second phase).
  • Ambassador Cards (sport it proud).
  • MUR Master Betas. Get your mind out of the gutter! We're talking about giving the MUR first look at all new rollouts and products.
  • Central email string. Done:
  • Weekly Correspondence. (We'll try!).
  • Recruit a School! Any Mini-Minyans in your midst? We want to build a grass roots effort for Minyanland, which teaches earning, spending, saving and giving to kids ages 6-11. It's free, and it's pretty cool.
  • MURSTOCK 2010: For those who haven't been to one of our three Minyans in the Mountains, The Critters Choice Awards or Festivus, community is at the heart of who we are. We wanna get the band back together for a summer retreat-quite possibly, in a locale near YOU.
  • Keep it interactive, fun and engaging. Ask questions such as:

  • o What would you like to see accomplished by the MUR?
    o Share the fare: How has Minyanville helped you?
    o Build the 'Ville: What would you like to see us do better?

BooAs it stands, we've got 750 folks in the MUR in 31 countries and all 50 states (thank you North Dakota!). We debated whether to make this inclusive (the more the merrier!) or exclusive (a layer in a broader pyramid). What are your thoughts?

In closing-at least for now-lemme say "Thank you, Thank you, Thank you." Gratitude is latitude and a dream is only as powerful as those who believe in it.

We can affect positive change, step-by-step, brick by brick, Minyan by Minyan.

May peace be with you.

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