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Answers I Really Wanna Know: Calm Before the Storm


Markets poised to react to the news.

  • Has anyone ever seen a baby pigeon?

  • Doesn't it speak volumes that Warren Buffett bought chewing gum (Wrigley (WWY)) instead of bond insurers that were 80-90% lower than they were last autumn?

  • Are the marriages in the airlines industry akin to the consolidation in the energy sector during the early nineties?

  • Isn't this precisely the type of article that Hoofy wants to see if he's bullish on newspaper stocks?

  • When will perception shift from "Whew, the entire capital infrastructure didn't implode!" to "Man, isn't all this issuance is bound to dilute earnings in the financials?"

  • If Frank Sinatra had too few regrets to mention, why bring it up at all?

  • Would a counter-trend rally back to Citigroup $30 (C) be the gift of all gifts for Boo?

  • Given the proximity of major technical inflections and massive near-term catalysts-not to mention that the VXO is 45% lower since the Bear Stearns abyss and is again a redheaded teenager-doesn't it make a ton of sense to accumulate volatility in here?

  • Has anyone else experienced the Facebook time warp?

  • Given S&P earnings are 14% lower year over year, why do bulls continue to highlight the fact that they'd be UP 8% if you exclude the financials?

  • Isn't that like saying I would weigh 180 lbs if I excluded lunch?

  • Why does Washington Mutual (WM) need two massive billboards in Times Square?

  • When three billionaires-Eli Broad, Wilbur Ross and Warren Buffett-have nothing good to say about the economy, doesn't that say a lot?

  • Who will be the bigger steal of the 2008 NFL Draft: Mario Manningham (Giants) or Ray Rice (Ravens)?

  • Microsoft (MSFT) can't raise its bid and save face… can it?

  • Is the short side set-up in the miners and drillers too easy?

  • Why do I still jump every time I hear a loud noise?

  • Haven't we seen this movie before with Captain Kirk and the automobiles?

  • Do Pier-1 (PIR) employees need a wicker wicense?

  • How much do rates really matter as a policy tool given the manifestation of auction facilities, lending windows and working groups?


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