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Random Thoughts


Does anyone else get the sense that the Minx is waiting for earnings to define her next leg?

  • Don't short Kraft--it's a China play!

  • There aren't many things that would keep me away from Bob Weir in Central Park tonight. Dinner with a savvy soothsayin' sommelier is one of them, however, so Jeff Saut and I are gonna skip the heat and focus on friendship. Noice.

  • As go the piggies, so goes the poke lower as the financials dip anew. BKX 111.70-112 is a zone that's held every probe since March and, as each test chews through a layer of demand, all eyes are on Boo.

  • Where's Franklin Raines? Oh, here he is!

  • What about Eddie Mush?

  • Toddo, You should have also mentioned that OIH Demark sell signals were also recorded on May 18 and June 14. But makes me no less of a fan of you, Mr. Depew and Mr. Demark's work. Minyan Ehpie."

  • Tertiary tea leaves are mixed nuts, with breadth flat, the semis catching a bid, beta thataway and the homies getting rolled anew.

  • Please keep tabs on the bigger picture pennant in the homebuilders please.

  • Not long ago, we spoke about the immediate gratification A.D.D. society that was conditioned to aspire to be like Paris and Donald. With those icons fading fast, I wonder what that means for the mindset of the masses?

  • China popped nicely overnight (+2.5%) and remains nestled between a double top and ripcord support. Sound familiar?

  • "While many continue to point to potential signs of trouble in inflation and market driven interest rates, I still don't see it. The average professional and individual investor appears skeptical, pundits constantly point out problems, media coverage highlights risk, yet those factors that drive stocks over the intermediate-term – positive earnings growth, attractive valuation levels (especially relative to bonds) and underinvested public – remain firmly in place. My firm continues to believe our 12-18 month S&P 500 target of 1800 should prove overly conservative and we would focus buying in large cap domestic equities with a particular emphasis on the Info Tech, Industrial and Health Care sectors." Snoop Tony Dwyer of FTN Midwest Securities

  • Answers I Really Wanna Know…

    • Does anyone else get the sense that the Minx is waiting for earnings to define her next leg?

    • Can we stress the importance of the direction of interest rates enough given the finance based economy?

    • Particularly if the "global bear in bonds" that Professor Bennet continues to monitor evolves?

    • Which branch do you think he hit?

    • Hmm...traders that write?

    • Do the semis have "room" to SOX 560?

    • When does the sizzle fizzle?

    • Speaking of which, how bout dem drillers, which are an eye-popping 28% over their 200-day?

    • Is anyone else secretly excited for the new face of MV next week?


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