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Answers I Really Wanna Know...


Is this current juncture akin to 1987 or 1997? Does that answer depend on further elasticity of debt?

  • Why do I think of Shun Lee each every time I see an AFLAC commercial?

  • Why does the Matador Crowd focus on the core number when the CPI is tame and the headline number when it fits their thesis?

  • Did you see the multiple seven figure size seller in the IWM (I-shares Russell) yesterday?

  • Is this current juncture akin to 1987 or 1997?

  • Does that answer depend on further elasticity of debt?

  • Did you see that Merrill Lynch (MER), which beat earnings this morning, and weathered the sub-prime malaise by dedicating more capital to proprietary trading?

  • Will you remember that banks and brokers trade on future expectations rather than rear-view results?

  • What will Bonnie Tyler have in store for us today?

  • Alright, so what says ye, Family Bancroft?

  • Are you watching the chemical space today on the heels of the Lyondell's (LYO) takeout 48% above the last trade?

  • Did you see the ABX indices (linked to sub-prime bonds) hitting new lows just before the major indices turned down yesterday?

  • Do you know that Goldman (GS), JP Morgan (JPM) and the rest of the Street are stuck with at least $11 billion of loans and bonds they can't readily sell?

  • How will that impact their cost of capital or the coming flood of LBO's, which generated a record $8.7 billion in fees during the first half of 2007?

  • If not, why aren't you reading the Buzz?

  • Are the "higher lows" in volatility a sign that traders are still hedged (wall of worry) or a stealth indicator of slowing liquidity?

  • Do you see where the bank rally thus far failed?

  • Is the Verizon (VZ) option market saying "no shot" to this deal?

  • Do you see beta beginning to fade a bit into yesterday's close?

  • Are you paying up for "fat" front month vol into earnings?

  • Given how poorly the Yankees have played, is it a good sign that they're only nine out of first?

  • Did you see Professor Jason Goepfert's explanation regarding the curious absence of +1000 TICK readings during this latest lift?

  • Are you enjoying your journey?


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