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Random Thoughts: Will a Market Probe Arrive?


Typically, the longer we wait before that test, the less likely it becomes that we'll rebound from it...

  • Get up, Stand up! Stand up for your rights! The standout action, thus far, is the smack down in the homies (HGX -1%). On the periphery, the green tint to the semis (which have been punky brewster) and the bid to energy also warrant a mention.

  • I offered out of this morning's gate that I thought we would see a probe--at the least--following yesterday's high volume downside reversal.

  • Typically, the longer we wait before that test, the less likely it becomes that we'll rebound from it (if it in fact arrives).

  • Market breadth (2:1 positive) suggests it won't arrive but, then again, it was 2:1 for most of yesterday as well.

  • The opposite of love isn't hate-it's apathy.

  • The bulls continue to whisper that, with so many mutual funds locking up their years at the end of this month, there is an upside agenda. Hey, seeing both sides works both ways!

  • Television's JeffMacke® and I have an old school belly-up tonight. Seeing old friends, as Bob Seger likes to sing, is good for the soul.

  • Remember when we said that the US effectively ceded policy control when they cut rates? That is quietly unfolding although, sometimes you gotta sniff outside of the mainstream media to see it.

  • Build it and they will come! Following last year's resounding CCA success, Minyans are filing in for this year's Festivus. I know alotta Minyans who plan on coming but have yet to register. Please consider this your friendly Minyanville reminder that seats are still available!

  • S&P 1555ish---the original acne---is the nearest term technical toggle to keep an eye on. The bulls are using it as a bovine backstop while the bears will press if it begins to stress.

  • Woof! See (BIDU) bark and bite. I think the defense of $300 was and is intuitive as it's a big psychological level.

  • We sick an' tired of-a your ism-skism...

  • Keep in mind that next week's expiration is gonna jack volatility, most likely midweek. I don't play the whole "expiration is to buy/sell" thang (too many gamers) but I'm a big believer that movement will be exacerbated.

  • My grandfather worked for your grandfather. But of course, the rates have gone up.

  • We're working on some major initiatives at MVHQ which, as you'll see over the next few weeks, are massive for the Minyan adventure. I'm particularly excited for MV Kids as it'll cement our vertical strategy and teach kids how to earn, spend, save and give. It's very Minyan and it's very cool!

  • Have a great weekend and I'll see YOU on Monday!


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