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Random Thoughts


Market breadth is implying this Snapper attempt will follow the slow boat to China...

  • I gotta tell ya, with all the fairy tales floating around, this take on Goldilocks is by far my favorite!

  • A sharp Minyan just asked me what I thought of the SMH here. My response? "Looking at a chart, I would rather see it poke through resistance at SMH $36 and then use that as a defined risk stop."

  • Boots & Cooties? Well, well, WEL, they just priced a secondary at a significant discount to the last trade. I doubled down on my bet, which may be good money after bad, but it's an honest communication with ye faithful Minyans.

  • Snaps to Professor Greg Weldon on his most excellent literary offering!

  • Market breadth? Worse than 2:1 negative, which implies that this Snapper attempt will follow the slow boat to China (-4.5%).

  • As discussed on Tuesday, I pared a fair amount of my long-side bets as the tape powered through my strike and reached withering, decaying heights. I've now got a slew of fresh powder, which I'll look to deploy in the metal and energy sectors (at the right price).

  • Note the Snappage in the Homies, O-Dog, and "see" that HGX 230 is the right shoulder of previous dandruff. If this group is to fail in the near-term, that's as intuitive a level as any.

  • Speaking of levels, BKX 117.25-118 and XBD 248 are important zones for the piggies in our poke.

  • After a rather nifty swap of Mandy Moore for Keira Knightley, I'm taking that trade and swapping into Kate Bekinsale. Lady Minyans of the hood please don't be offended--I'm just a nice guy looking pa nub. After all, I just wanna be hugged--is that so wrong?

  • Note big pharma as it opens green in a sea of crimson. That's typically a sign that demand is rustlin' around.

  • If you haven't seen Hoofy and Boo's latest take on gold, you're missing what could be the funniest vibe yet in the world's first animated financial news show!

  • Welcome Coops! I speak for the entire MV community when I say that we're jacked to have you in our circle of trust.

  • As Cody noted, we've now filled the opening gap in the S&P futures. I'll add that there's only been a marginal uptick in market internals, which bodes well for Boo.

  • What doesn't bode well for Boo?


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