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Answers I Really Wanna Know: Hold or Fold?


The battle for NASDAQ 2000 continues.

  • Another bubble or deep trouble?

  • If Japan has a 20-year head start down Deflationary Road, what do our kids have to look forward to?

  • We clearly understood that the government needed to stabilize the patient as a first step towards recovery, but was jacking the body full of steroids the smartest possible path?

  • Which begs the obvious question-if we've got an Incredible Hulk on our hands, will the green gain steam before the bears get mean?

  • Seeing that side, have you spied the 8-day "tech channel" between NDX 1600 and NDX 1630?

  • While the tape is overbought, wouldn't an optimist make the case that this is a bullish basing?

  • And wouldn't the bear then share we're a stone's throw from the neckline of multi-year dandruff for the four-letter freaks?

  • If this technical juncture were a rap song, what would it be?

  • How many traders are buying because they think everyone else is going to buy?

  • With everyone and their sister of that mindset, will we continue to see Shallow Hal's or are we sitting on this cusp?

  • What is it we say about respecting the price action but not deferring to it?

  • You hear this talk about a higher dollar being equity positive?

  • Isn't that like the (former) mainstream view that lower crude was equity positive?

  • Or the vaunted "global de-coupling" that was all the rage...until it wasn't?

  • Doesn't the benefit of the doubt remain with "asset class deflation vs. dollar devaluation?" until proven otherwise?

  • Speaking of which, did you read on the Buzz & Banter that Mr. Practical has moved back to the U.S.A because he believes the dollar will be the strongest relative currency?

  • Have you noticed that Goldman Sachs (GS) is quietly down 6% since we mused last week that the insider sales window might have opened?

  • Are you keeping an eye on the Baltic Dry Index, which is having its worst week since October, as a harbinger of global demand?

  • Does anyone get the distinct sense that social mood continues to deteriorate?

  • And haven't we learned that social mood and risk appetites shape financial markets?

  • Through the lens of discipline over conviction, did you read on yesterday's Buzz that I made some "picks" into the 2% pullback in technology (vs. the levels where I initiated risk)?

  • Is this slippage dimes... or the bull dozer?

  • Have you circled Friday, December 4th for this year's Minyanville Festivus to Benefit Children's Education?

  • While State Street (STT) was down a deuce on news that $625 million (set aside to settle legal claims stemming from losses linked to subprime mortgages) may not be enough, isn't that better than the 50% haircuts we've seen in the past?

  • Are you hearing the chatter that an abundance of secondary offerings are being teed up?

  • Would you really be that surprised?

  • Did Steve Winwood ever get the snaps he deserved?

  • Is anyone else jonsing for some Bennet vibage?

  • Would you like to join Minyan Dougie Kass and I next Saturday in East Hampton as we support an awesome cause and see some old friends (which is always good for the soul)?

  • If you believe you're name and word still mean something and honesty, trust and respect are the construct of any successful endeavor, why haven't you climbed aboard the Minyanville Underground Railroad?

  • Where, on top of affecting positive change, you'll get a sneak peak at Memoirs of a Minyan?

  • Are we there yet?


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