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Answers: Will Turnaround Tuesday Fail?


Toxic headwinds will put Snapper to the test.

  • When you leave the "secure area" in an airport, do you suddenly become insecure?

  • Did you know that April has been a pivotal reversal of the March trend 67% of the time since 1963 and a semi-important top has been reached in virtually every April or May since then?

  • What does Professor Smita Sadana's in-depth historical research tell us about this current market?

  • Would now be a good time to communicate that I've defined my risk at the entry level of the S&P puts added yesterday and will trail my stop lower if given the opportunity?

  • Have you seen Professor Jason Goepfert's excellent analysis that plotted the SARS panic against the S&P?

  • Do you remember what happened last time we asked whether we should Sell in May and Go Away?

  • Are you paying attention to the Supreme Court ruling today through the lens of the psychology surrounding the role of government in big business?

  • If you were in charge and the swine virus wasn't an accident, wouldn't you play the flu card with hopes of avoiding widespread panic?

  • Can I share that thought without being branded a conspiracy theorist if my stated objective is to provoke the thought necessary to "see both sides?"

  • Is there any probability you would assign to that scenario? 2%? 5%? 20%?

  • Have I been watching 24 too long?

  • Or is it merely a coincidence that the first virus was reported at the same time President Barack Obama's visited Mexico City ?

  • And the gentleman who gave our president a tour at Mexico's anthropology museum died the following day from a reported case of pneumonia?

  • Was it a "negative tell" that gold couldn't find a bid yesterday as a flight to safety play in the face of a potential pandemic?

  • Are you keeping that (potentially negative) yellow metal dandruff on your radar (which will 'confirm' with a move through Gold $854)?

  • Does anyone else hate when your shirt mats to your back in the morning heat?

  • Are you really that surprised Citigroup (C) and Bank America (BAC) need to raise more capital?

  • Are you respecting-but not deferring to-the continued (bullish) reverse dandruff set-up in the S&P above 875 (remains in play above S&P 800)?

  • If asked in late March, what would you have said would be the healthiest possible price action following the spirited 25% sprint off the lows?

  • Sideways, perhaps, so the overbought condition is worked off as a function of time rather than price?

  • With the banks holding reverse dandruff support above BKX 30-32.5?

  • Are you conscious that the difference between the duct-tape low and the air mask angst is one of field position?

  • The Raiders passed on Michael Crabtree why?

  • Have you see that Roche released a report in May 2008 preparing for the next influence pandemic?

  • Have you recently reminded yourself that the purpose of the journey is the journey itself and tomorrow is promised to nobody?

  • If not, wouldn't right about now be a good time to do so?

  • Can someone please assure me that my sore throat is psychosomatic?

  • If one of the world's largest and most respected media outfits throws $100 million at a financial infotainment experience and it can't find its footing, should the critters be encouraged they're still fighting the good fight?

  • Will yesterday's underlying bid in Goldman (GS), Apple (AAPL) and Research in Motion (RIMM) be telling with the benefit of hindsight?

  • How about the price action in Baidu (BIDU) on the heels of better than expected earnings following a 100% rally in the stock?

  • P&L aside, how about we take a moment and usher some white light to the family and friends of those infected with this sickly strain of virus?


In memory of our fallen friend and trusted colleague, Bennet Sedacca, 100% of the donations made to the RP Foundation through April will be channeled to philanthropic endeavors consistent with the RP mission, working closely with the Sedacca clan in the distribution of those funds. We thank you kindly for your support as we strive to effect positive change in the lives of children.

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