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Answers: A Financial Jedi Mind Trick?


Would you wanna take the other side of Goldman's trade?

  • Can we connect some dots for a moment please?

  • Goldman Sachs (GS) borrowed $10 billion from the taxpayers and due to massive government intervention, the stock popped 175% off the lows, at which point Goldman is issuing equity back to the public?

  • A return to capitalism away from the USSA or the definition of a Jedi mind trick?

  • Will folks embrace the semblance of financial normalcy or will we see public backlash given the severe shift in social mood?

  • If Goldman boasts the smartest traders in the room, do you really wanna take the other side of their supply?

  • Did anybody rebound better than Dennis Rodman in his prime?

  • If the financials are a leading indicator for the broader market, is the technical confirmation in the piggies (above BKX 32.5) a precursor to a poke higher by the broader tape?

  • In other words, are you allowing for another leg higher after Turnaround Tuesday has her way?

  • Can we read into the fact that Amazon (AMZN) was the only master beta stock that didn't pop higher with the pre-market futures?

  • Does anyone remember what equities did in the months following January?

  • Does anyone else get the heebie jeebies when they hear "Thai Baht"?

  • Really, Tony?

  • Will we see a rotation into consumer non-durables on the heals of Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) earnings?

  • Have you chewed through Professor Eugene Linden's succinct analysis why this crisis is far from over?

  • Did you know that after the 41 bear market rallies of ten percent or more since 1928, equities fell an average 25% from the peak?

  • Shouldn't investors keep that in the back of their crowded keppe given we strive to see both sides of every trade?

  • Just as buying the market felt completely wrong in early March, doesn't selling positions now feel equally askew?

  • Hey college Minyans, have you checked out UMV and spread the word to your peeps as you ready for the real world?

  • Do you see Hoofy leaning against NDX 1285 in four-letter land?

  • Is a stern test and a higher low the best possible scenario for Hoofy?

  • Is it possible to eat too much sushi?

  • Would you like to take a gander at Buzz 3.0, which we can "white label" as an application for your firm?

  • Yesterday was the 25th session of the "buying stampede" which, according to the savvy soothsaying Jeff Saut, rarely exceeds 30 days?

  • Is the definition of humility getting waxed in Guitar Hero by your eight year-old nephew after brazenly challenging him in a head-to-head Metallica battle?

  • Where would Thurman Munson rank on the all-time list if he survived that plane crash?

  • Did you know that most options are fatter than I am in front of earnings?

  • And you can be right but still get tagged after traders suck the "event premium" out of the options after the event?

  • Will the financials really lead us out of the abyss?

  • Are the leaders in a bull market ever the same leaders from previous bull markets?

  • With the proper risk management process in place, do we need to answer that question right now?

  • Have you climbed aboard the Minyanville Underground Railroad yet?


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