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Randoms: Waffles on the Beltway!


Geithner speaks on the dollar's behalf.

  • Tim Geithner is saying he sees no change in the dollar as the world's reserve currency?

  • With all due respect, Mr. Treasury Secretary, what makes you so sure it's your decision?

  • I will continue to point Minyan eyes to the greenback through the lens of our Wishbone World.

  • Case in point, when Timmy said the was "quite open" to 's suggestion of an SDR linked currency system, the dollar dropped and stocks popped. When he clarified himself, the dollar bounced and stocks breathed. It's a big picture dynamic but it's playing out before our very eyes.

  • Speaking of waffles, please keep August 22, 2007 in mind. That's when we first spoke about the single most important credit issue in the world, that of credibility. All a man has is his name and his word and if confidence wanes, all bets are off (quite literally).

  • As for the tape, I'm keeping close tabs on this level in the S&P (recent highs) in the context of quarter-end performance anxiety. Flies remain-Research in Motion (RIMM), Amazon (AMZN) and Goldman Sachs (GS) trade funky-and animal spirits abound.

  • I will again remind ye faithful-because it's that important-that the buyers are higher, but the sellers invariably lower. More swings than a Hedonism vacation indeed!

  • Are we really that surprised to hear that the tax code is gonna change?

  • I carved out an hour and watched season one, episode one, of 24. I'll take balance when I can, like pouring water into a glass of marbles.

  • What happens in Vegas... will cost you a finski!

  • I may be a wordsmith but Optionsmith is worthy of a noodle.

  • There seem to be pundits and playas looking to make a name for themselves by calling this or that. Fair 'nuff and Godspeed. We like to make cake as much as the next guy-and yeah, we'll make calls too-but the mechanics of the swing, thought provocation and the proper perspective have a much longer shelf life.

  • For the life of me, I've gotta figure out what that "pinging" noise coming from one of my eight screens is. Somewhere, nestled within that information overload, is 28,000 important messages or data points.

  • If I write "Let's Go Orange!" would that put the Mush on 'em?

  • Here's hoping that you've got some jingle in your jeans, a smile on your puss and either way, you do something Joel today. A random act of kindness goes a mighty long way.

  • May peace be with you!


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