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Answers I Really Wanna Know: Will the S&P Top 1000 By Year-End?


A 21% rally since Thanksgiving may constitute a reversal of fortune.


  • If they're heavy with the world higher, is it safe to assume that sellers are lurking?

  • Did you see my final post on the Buzz & Banter yesterday when I said "While I continue to vibe a four figure S&P-"respect the upside" has been a steady theme in the 'Ville since we chowed turkey-I'll remind Minyans everywhere what Minyans should already know: Turnaround Tuesday is on tap and they tend to be killer counter-trend sessions. In a perfect world (I know, stop laughing), Hoofy will hold newfound support at S&P 900 before continuing his climb. One step at a time, we know, but this sickly Minyan is content to get into bed with slim pickins on his book and chicken noodle soup in his sights."

  • If you didn't see that Buzz, why not sign up for a FREE 2 week trial for real-time insights throughout the day from the smartest guys and gals I know?

  • Wait-is S&P 900 the right shoulder of some (bullish) inverse dandruff?

  • Is that a monkey in your pants or are you just happy to see me?

  • Do you think Lexus and Toyota (TM) are waiting for the government bailout of General Motors (GM) and Ford (F) so they can undercut the terms and steal share?

  • What is it they say about hope not being a viable investment vehicle?

  • How many equity traders (many of whom never watched credit) are waiting for credit to improve before they again buy stocks?

  • Have you seen the 46th minute, where Minyanville humility and passion intersects?

  • Remember how hard it was to short crude in the spring?

  • And how many rushed to cover every dip, if they were lucky enough to get one?

  • Is this the mirror image for energy bulls?

  • Is any geopolitical risk priced into current levels of Texas Tea?

  • Are you keeping an eye today on the laggards from yesterday-the semi-caps (KLA-Tencor (KLAC), Novellus (NVLS), Applied Materials (AMAT)), Mother Morgan (MS) and select industrials (3M (MMM), United Technologies (UTX))-to see if the supply persists?

  • How about FedEx (FDX), Texas Instruments (TXN) and Broadcom (BRCM) through the lens of "reaction to the news is more important than the news itself?"

  • How long until the new hedge fund model is unveiled?

  • You know, the one with a three-year aggregate return and no annual high water mark?

  • What are YOUR most lucid thoughts on how to best navigate this continued conundrum?

  • How 'bout that one-two punch in the Carolina backfield?

  • How many "real" rallies will we see before the S&P breaks to new lows? (My guess is three.)

  • How many Minyanville staffers can be out sick at the same time?

  • If you don't need to carry overnight risk, why would you?


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