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Random Thoughts: Spring Has Sprung


Does the tape feel as fresh as the weather?

  • What would Nurse Dixie McCall do in a tape like this? You mean other than administer two-amp sodium bicarbs and start an IV 51 lactate ringer? She would probably put her pretty finger on the pulse of the market and take what the tape gives her.

  • We've been eyeing S&P 1405 as THE level ever since the Bear (BSC) Abyss. Coops DeVille is making the case that we could power through that zone with a gasp of pleasure relief that would kill a horse! See both sides, Minyans, see both sides.

  • These financials are tap dancers, eh? Nothing like the pitter-patter of looming shoes to keep us on our toes!

  • I was feeling "N's over S's" out of today's gate and the tape is playing out that way.

  • Along those lines, I nibbled on some Google (GOOG) calls this morning for a quick schnitzel. Better lucky that smart, I caught an immediately tail wind which allowed me to set my stop at my entry point. I heart defined risk.

  • What I wanna know is how someone figured out the frog was lung-less? I mean, it's not like I would look at a frog and say "You know, that frog's body looks a bit thin… I wonder if he has lungs?"

  • Spring has sprung in New York City. That's the upside of anger, right? The changing seasons always make you appreciate the little things in life. Not like those Malibu Minyans who "enjoy" 85 degrees and sunny every single day. Now, if I could only surf the concrete jungle!

  • So, Goldman (GS) says that the credit crunch is closer to the end than the beginning. Funny, last time I heard that was in the Bear Stearns boardroom the Thursday night before its plight.

  • Hey, do you think Minyan Peter's vibe on private equity getting more active in the financials qualifies as the first of my Ten Themes for 2008? Remember, Minyan Peter ran a Wall Street asset-backed securities business, was treasurer of a top credit card company and the treasurer of one of the largest banks in the country. When it comes to financial opinions, he's got more seasoning than Mrs. Dash!

  • Wait, Mrs. Dash is married? Were Salt N' Pepper her maids of honor?

  • Remember how dry the semis traded yesterday? You can see that demand manifest today (SOX +2.5%). Indeed, you can learn a lot just by watching!

  • Do you think Paramedic's John Gage and Roy DeSoto used to jockey for Dixie's attention? I mean, I would fake a seizure just so she could take my pulse and resuscitate me with mouth-to-mouth!

  • OK, now that I've got Salt N Pepper all up in my craw, I'm just gonna go with it. I mean, Mrs. Dash is hitched, spring has sprung, love is in the air and opportunities abound.

  • What's not to be happy about other than the massive structural imbalances that are gonna crush the quality of life for our kids? Pishaw! Let's take it one step at a time.

  • Maybe Wall Street CEO's are safe for a while?

  • I do believe we're dancing between the elephants but trying to trade one way (short) is like boxing with one hand tied behind your back. Seriously, think about it--how can Winky win a fight if he's got no hook to complement his jab?

  • Man, when you die at the palace, you really DIE at the palace!

  • Good luck, Minyans. Trade to win. Never trade "not to lose."


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