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Answers I Really Wanna Know: Goldman Sachs Opens Red


Will the "very good" but not "eye-popping holy-mother-of-gawd astounding" earnings be good enough?

  • Given the widespread expectation that Goldman (GS) was gonna reinvent sliced bread, will the "very good" but not "eye-popping holy-mother-of-gawd astounding" earnings be good enough?

  • Lemme put it another way, if the ECB didn't announce last night that it would "guarantee euro-zone financial institutions unlimited funds at a fixed rate through year-end," would the stock-or the tape-have a bid?

  • Or perhaps we're over-thinking this. Isn't it Turnaround Tuesday when Bonnie does her thang?

  • Serious question here-given that so many institutions are purging the financials from their sheets into year-end, will January feature an upside poke by the piggies?

  • Especially with most brokers-who were bullish all the way down the slippery slope-downgrading these names and cutting numbers following a 25% haircut for the sector?

  • When and if this upside trade arrives in the financials, will you (please) remember that long-term, these names are most likely NOT where you wanna be?

  • What weighs more: a ton of feathers or a ton of bricks?

  • If you wanna play the counter-trend upside trade today, will you wait for the inevitable first probe?

  • While watching BKX 90 (88) as the level of year-end lore?

  • Kick-boxing at 6:00 AM. Are you mad?

  • Did they finally get to the last remaining hiding spots yesterday when Big Beta-namely Baidu (BIDU), Google (GOOG), Amazon (AMZN) and Research in Motion (RIMM)-all took it on the chin?

  • We know that leadership has been narrowing for a long time. If this complex caves, will it wither away completely?

  • Why have I been playing the homies from the long side the last few weeks?

  • Do you think O-Dog has mellowed yet?

  • How can we NOT go see Chazz Palminteri in his one-man rendition of A Bronx Tale on Broadway?

  • When is Citigroup (C) gonna cut its dividend?

  • Will that be the spot to step in for a quick schnitz higher?

  • Is all this-everything we're talking about, the rallies, the sputters, the grinding, the mutters-pure noise under S&P 1490?

  • Pretty sick that Paulson punting all his Goldman stock tax-free at the top, eh?

  • Remember how nutty it sounded in 2002 when we spoke about energy overtaking the financials as the top weighting in the S&P?

  • Do you think McLovin is having fun at Dartmouth?

  • Can't you just see him and Television's JeffMacke as BFF?

  • Has anyone heard "bid wanted" in the equity arena?

  • Isn't that the capitulatory sign we need to ultimately see?

  • In this debate as to whether or not we'll enter recession, aren't we somewhere between the first two trimesters of denial-migration-panic?

  • How bout them Fins?


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