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Random Thoughts: Jump, Test, Run, Rest!


Stay on top of things or you'll be playing ketchup!

  • Societal acrimony? What societal acrimony?

  • See ya Freddie (FRE) and thanks for the ride. It could trade higher but 82% in two days is nothing to sneeze at.

  • Ditto General Motors (GM) in to this morning's lift. Just tradin', Tex.

  • I made sales on Wachovia (WB), which was 16% higher (50% since Tuesday) near this morning's highs. And, so you know, I bought back some exposure when they knocked it 20% on the FBI news.

  • Purple is the new pink and steel is the new bling! Don't be shocked to see more handcuffs as social moods continue to shift.

  • Hey newbie Minyans-if you wanna read about these trades in real-time, check out the free trial of the Buzz & Banter. It's snazzy!

  • What's our MV litmus test? If you're staring at every tick, you're too big.

  • Jump, test, run, rest? I took one leg out if my metaphorical bull costume this morning, leaving one leg (25% conviction). I mean, I woulda taken one leg out if I still did that metaphorical dance.

  • Holy cow, where did that Franklin Raines rant come from? Dollars to, uh, lettuce, it's because I'm hangry from the South Beach Diet.

  • While I have a face for radio, Pepe Depew has a place at NBR!

  • We may have toggled from fear (panic) back to greed (performance anxiety). If the market doesn't give back pa nub-and news flow is quiet-alotta under-invested fund managers will start playing ketchup.

  • Don't trade your P&L.Trade the market.

  • Go Fish in Minyanland!

  • Yeah, I'm still looking at the downside gap in Google (GOOG) but I'm not sure I have the gumptia to short it into earnings.

  • S's over N's.

  • NYSE internals are hanging 2:1 positive. It's been a while since we could say that.

  • I promise this will make you smile!

  • Keep things in perspective, Minyans. The BKX rallied 35% since Turnaround Tuesday's low.


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