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Random Thoughts: Are Seeds Sowing for a North American Community?


Americans must see all sides as we together find our way

  • Funny, I would have thought these items would trade together.

  • You can learn a lot just by watching! We flagged the semis out of this morning's gate as they were green with envy despite fugly futures, offering on the Buzz that "if the tide turns and the worm squirms, expect some "N's over S's" action, potentially led by Google (GOOG) and, as a tertiary, Amazon (AMZN)."

  • In my continued effort to "buy dips and sell rips" in the financials, I scooped some more Bank America (BAC) and Citigroup (C) on the opening, as well as a Wells Fargo (WFC) position and a slug of SSO. While I'm trading around the former "call options," the latter matters have trailing stops as pure vehicles.

  • When pressed for some vehicles while giving a radio interview last night, I offered that Research in Motion (RIMM) and Amazon were potential "bang for the buck" plays while "stocks banged up for good reason (financials, retail, energy) could also be considered."

  • Remember, during bear market rallies, you need to flip your thought process upside down.

  • I told Adam "Meow Mix" Katz last night that the key to the 'Ville-and media as a whole-is to keep the carrot just far enough in front of the collective nose of thought provocation.

  • We did it with regard to the Plunge Protection Team for years-losing favor among some for a spell-before pulling back the curtain and exposing the wizard for all to see.

  • And you know what? We'll continue to do it as we edge through our New World Order because now, more than ever, proactive thought provocation is a necessary precursor to effective preparedness.

  • Who writes like that?

  • Along those lines, I plan to chew through some "spoken in hushed tones" chatter of a North American Currency.

  • Remember, currency ties society together and when the going gets tough, the tough tend to themselves.

  • If we continue on our current path of credit creation, we could realistically arrive at a world broken into four major communities: North America (bridging Mexican labor, US ingenuity, Canadian natural resources), Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

  • If you haven't read Minyan Peter's Open Letter to Tim Geithner, please do so. In terms of "affecting positive change by being part of the solution," it doesn't get much better than him.

  • Congrats to Professor Mish for being named by Time Magazine as one of the best business blogs in the Street!

  • As I'm up a quick bone on the SSO, I tossed a $1 trailing stop on that exposure so I can play with the house's money. Ya dig?

  • Look at me, I'm A.D.D.! In my slew of morning buys, I tried to scoop an extra slab of stock in one of the financial names, putting my limit in above the offer. Figuring I was filled, I turned my attention back to scribing vibe and, as you might expect, just realized I missed the fill.

  • You know what I'm gonna do about it? Nothing. Chasing lost profits is the quickest way to find fresh losses.

  • Bikini? Tall. Heels? Small.

  • Breadth? Still skewed negative.

  • N's? Over S's.

  • Banks? Underlying bid.

  • Levels? S&P 800 still "matters.":

  • General Electric (GE)? Woof.

  • Baidu (BIDU)? Still doesn't trade right.

  • Moi? Bullish for a trade and psyched to balance this weekend.

  • Minyanville? Expanding operations into the meat of this heat as the ability to add capacity into the downturn will define the winners on the other side. You'll see tangible evidence of this in the coming weeks so be excited.

  • Be very, very excited.


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Positions in SSO, C, BAC, WFC
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