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Random Thoughts


Between the streaky green sessions and the all-time highs in the DJIA, it's tough not to be impressed.

  • It's quieter than a mouse fart as we digest Manic Monday Merger Mania and shake off an expiration hangover. As it stands, biotech and drillers are pacing the Matador Crowd while the homies and pharma weigh on the fray.

  • Best guess into the close? Tell me if Goldman sprouts acne and I'll betcha a finski that the tape follows suit.

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays have become exciting days in the 'Ville. Tune in tomorrow for the next episode of Hoofy and Boo's News and Views.

  • From a pure tell standpoint, it's pretty edgeless from my perch in front of these eight screens. I'm watching our usual suspects--breadth, financials, nets, semis and the dollar--but the quack count is currently muted. Deep breaths, my friends, as we'll have plenty to keep us busy this week.

  • Expiration hangovers typically last through Monday lunch, for those looking for some Advil.

  • So, if Coco Crisp caught A-Rod's second dinger Friday night--but flipped over the fence with the ball in his glove--would it still be a homer?

  • The weakest link in today's fence? The homies, which are meandering near the right shoulder of previous dandruff (HGX 230).

  • Other Levels of Lore? TRAN 5200, SOX 492, XBD 248ish and BKX 117.25-118.

  • I, like you, see and hear about how strong the tape has been. Between the streaky green sessions and the all-time highs in the DJIA, it's tough not to be impressed. For me, and despite using options and levels as contextual risk management tools, I didn't capture what I coulda, woulda or shoulda. It happens. It's not fun, but it's a part of the process.

  • Despite Friday's option funeral, I continue to believe that positive gamma (long premium) is the "easiest bet" on the board.

  • Aspire to Inspire? Snaps to Bobby Sager and his family for their global philanthropic initiatives.

  • Buzzers, please make sure that you "see" the preference tab on the lower left corner of your Buzz & Banter. This will give you the opportunity to shape your information profile much the way you would shape your risk profile. Which is good.


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