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Answers I Really Wanna Know...


Are you pulling together your energy and metal wish lists?

  • How bout some major snaps to Minyan Miti Kalirao for winning top honors on this year's Minyan March Madness tourney? (Miti, please contact Bill from Marketing to collect your prize)

  • Will those who didn't win (myself included at #54) be helping out the Ruby Peck Foundation with a tax free pledge of their choice?

  • If "as goes the piggies, so goes the tape" is an undeniable axiom, what does it mean that the BKX broke hard under its 200-day (113.40) yesterday and is retesting it today?

  • Hey, remember that triple bottom resistance at the 200-day for the HGX homebuilder index? (You should see the toast!)

  • Will the specter of a stand down in Iran ease tensions, hit crude and embolden equity bulls?

  • Before the world shifts its attention back to the structural imbalances, historic debt, isolationism and stagflationary forces that have nothing to do with Iran?

  • Either way, are you watching Texas Tea (-2.3%) as a contra-tell?

  • Aren't the "haves" completely skewing the BLS data from the growing legions of "have nots?"

  • How can anyone on financial television advise viewers to sell "naked straddles" in options without walking through the risk profile?

  • Ya'll see Accredited Home (LEND) up a snazzy 20%, conscious of what a strong tell it's been for the financials?

  • Is the VXO (-6%) really in danger of losing Bar Miztvah status again?

  • Will private equity and M&A steal the spotlight from pre-announcements and geopolitical tension in the weeks ahead?

  • Are you watching S&P 1425, 1440 and 1450 as tranched resistance?

  • Was the reaction to news yesterday (flattish) a bovine victory considering the news itself (tepid economic data, bank blow-up, rising rates, Poole 's comments)?

  • Did you see that Greenwich Alternative Investment survey that reported 69% of macro hedge fund managers expected the S&P 500 to decline in April (the highest level of bearishness since the survey began in January '04)?

  • Are you pulling together your energy and metal wish lists?

  • Is Turnaround Tuesday the best bovine chance of taking out the lower high in the S&P (1440-1450)?

  • What ever happened to Gil Gerard?


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