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Business Makeover: Facebook, Inc.


If it's broke, fix it.

Founded in February 2004, Facebook has become the most popular name in social networking. However, reports show that visitor growth has been slowing, and in recent weeks, many top executives -- including co-founder Dustin Moskovitz -- are jumping ship. Owen Thomas at Valleywag contends it's due to mismanagement by controversial CEO Mark Zuckerberg. If Facebook's reputation is starting to suffer, here are some ways the organization can turn the tide.

Last month's site redesign was met by an overwhelming public outcry - the new format is only slightly less popular than New Coke. Take a cue from what made MySpace so appealing: Flashing text, broken image backgrounds and nonstop songs by the Pussycat Dolls.

Despite its ease and availability, some users don't know that they can update their Facebook status via text message. Promote this feature by text-messaging users every 15 minutes and asking them what they're up to.

With applications like Super Wall, Advanced Wall, FunWall and countless others, the basic Wall feature has far too many confusing options for the average user. Introduce a new one, called Groovy Wall - it'll totally be better than all those other lame apps.

After Google opened up profiles to non-members and the Beacon application posted users' third-party purchases without their consent, privacy and data mining have become major concerns. Allow users to create a second, fictional profile that they wouldn't mind having made public.

Facebook has given the politically driven countless tools for the campaign trail, but its full potential is still unrealized. Grant pundits the ability to send compulsory political quizzes and event invitations that, if not viewed, will automatically disable the user's account.

For the last time, stop asking us if we want to play Scrabble!

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