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Answers I Really Wanna Know: Merrill's Downgrades, Subprime Exposure Spreading...


Did you see that Merrill Lynch has downgraded Bear Stearns, Lehman and Citigroup this morning?

  • Did you hear the incremental negative news coming out of the Carlyle Group, State Street and DBS (Singapore's largest bank)?

  • Wasn't the resignation of Barclay's European CDO honcho - flagged last week in the 'Ville after it was forced to collapse (at least two) structured vehicles due to its inability to raise short-term financing - an ursine whisper that something was amiss?

  • Even as they say "Hey-wasn't me!"?

  • Shouldn't all these stories serve as simple scribbles to the already heavy writing on the wall?

  • Nyet? How about the $10.2 billion liquidity infusion by the Russian Central Bank last night?

  • Who gets a pimple at 38 - honestly!?!?

  • Did you see that Merrill Lynch has downgraded Bear Stearns, Lehman and Citigroup this morning?

  • In an interwoven financial fabric, wouldn't that also be bad for Merrill?

  • We knew quarters across the Street would be bunk but how bunk are they?

  • Are clams happy?

  • So the New York Times thinks the Home Depot deal renegotiation is an isolated incident?

  • Does that mean that other deals won't have the latitude to shift covenants and will simply go poof?

  • 256 buybacks totaling $101.1 billion were announced during the previous five weeks?

  • Countrywide Financial is 18% lower than the opening print following the Bank of America infusion?

  • What's gonna happen if that puppy breaks the convert price ($18)?

  • Did I really find my entire stash of linen shirts three days before they become a fashion faux pas?

  • Is it me or are more and more folks having panic attacks these days?

  • How does that jibe with the uptick in societal acrimony that we've been monitoring for the last few years?

  • Are you watching S&P 1457 (200-day and trendline) and the BKX pennant as technical toggles in our midst?

  • But didn't Alan Greenspan tell us that the yield curve doesn't matter?

  • Was that before or after he urged homeowners to flip into adjustable-rate mortgages?

  • How many hedge fund managers are gonna spend Labor Day listening to Marley?

  • Will 2007 emerge as the Year of the Hump Back?

  • Did last week's lift alleviate the biggest thorn in Boo's paw?

  • How psyched would I be if I were as thin as this tape?


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