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Foreign Bid to the Rescue


Financial markets can handle good news and bad news, but its the unknown that the markets can't handle...

The financial markets can handle good news, and the financial markets can handle bad news, but what any market participant will tell you is that it is the unknown the market cannot deal with, and will typically travel the path of least resistance when there is uncertainty, which is down.

We embark on this Thursday after having experienced the biggest 2-day move in the past five years. Pundits are clamoring to label the move and while I typically avoid this altogether, I thought it would be interesting for once to give my opinion and enter the fray.

Normally, I pride myself on trying to avoid the noise to the best of my ability, taking my cues from the tape and tape only but for some reason the recent events have struck a chord with me that I feel very passionate about discussing. So, while others will state that the previous two days can be attributed to short covering, dovish talk by a fed head, a write down at another major bank or the simple fact that we had corrected an exact 10%, I believe the real spark was what I will call the Foreign Bid.

Yes, it is true that everything mentioned above took place, and the moons were aligned for such a powerful thrust, however the Abu Dhabi capital infusion or Foreign Bid into Citigroup (C) announced as we slept on Monday evening, answered the question that the market has been pondering this whole decline. Where does this all end?

The market had been declining in a feverish fashion for weeks on end, led by the ailing financials as the uncertainty surrounding the ultimate loss amount continued to weigh heavily on investors' minds. We all knew there was still value in these names but at what price would someone step in, was the question. With Citigroup off 45% from its highs, could it go down another 20%? The uncertainty surrounding the real issues plaguing the business, but also surrounding how it would all end kept the market on edge and participants at bay.

As individuals we can play this action and do quite well, but I am sad to say that as a result of the latest pickle we find ourselves in as a nation, we will escape only by selling off those companies that once made us who we were.
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